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It is not tested beyond what the developers do themselves.
If you require support on the forums, please quote the date & SHA number (The last 7 digits)
in the filename as this will help the developers track down bugs.

Please use at your own risk and report any bugs *HERE*

If you are upgrading, please delete your current "lib" directory before using any of the "SNAPSHOT" versions.

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Latest build: yamj-2.10-SNAPSHOT-2017-01-28-1905-d61d6f3-bin.zip (Details here)

Previous versions

yamj-2.10-SNAPSHOT-2016-12-22-2105-b995517-bin.zip (Details here)
yamj-2.10-SNAPSHOT-2016-11-21-1123-c838d0e-bin.zip (Details here)
yamj-2.10-SNAPSHOT-2016-11-20-0817-c838d0e-bin.zip (Details here)
yamj-2.10-SNAPSHOT-2016-10-04-0917-87b0f8a-bin.zip (Details here)
yamj-2.10-SNAPSHOT-2016-08-27-1843-87b0f8a-bin.zip (Details here)


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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-01-28-1905

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