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Kroozbox is a database to HTML gateway written in Java that can run under Windows or Linux.


AC Ryan - Jukebox Fixes and Modifications - v1.7

AndyA has reworked some of the Jukebox files to fix some of the issues and tidy up a few things.


The zip file attached contains the updated files and installation instructions are below.


Each subsequent revision includes all previous fixes.


These modifications are not supported by AC Ryan and come with no warranty of any kind

URL: Original Thread


 There is an excellent web site called that is sort of a of movies and TV Shows.


I encourage you all to install the excellent PCHTrakt CSI application to allow your videos to be scrobbled to the site. An additional benefit is that the PCHTrakt application will also write out watched files for use by YAMJ.


URL: Support thread

YAMJ Needs Your Help

Please take some time to read this important message.

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