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This is just like any other index.htm. It requires the user to edit the paths specific to his or her setup. I went for a simple design, after being inspired by Excal's Calm index.

So far everything is static. In a future release I would like to add some transition effects.

Thanks to Excal for the coding.

Feel free to make suggestions on improving it.

Smooth v01

With this index file, I wanted to keep it simple in functionality and clean in aethetics. For many of the menu buttons, I used transparant images, allowing the background image to slightly show through. If you want, you can copy over the 'background.jpg' image in the 'index images' folder to give it your own look. I suggest using a 1280x720 image. It will square up best on HDTV's.

Video Preview

YAMJ GUI v1.2 (Discontinued)

This is a GUI helper screen for setting up YAMJ. It has been discontinued and will no longer be developed. This means that it will not work with later version of YAMJ

Please see this thread on the Networked Media Tank forums for support:

This GUI has been updated to deal with the latest version of YAMJ (r409 - YAMJ v1.0.13).

This will not work on older versions of YAMJ.

To upgrade from a previous version, overwrite the GUI.hta file.

URL: GUI Config

User Homepage v0.10

Release 0.10 of the User Homepage Replacement
Note: With later version of the firmware (Jan 2009) for the PCH this will no longer work.

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Date: 2017-09-19-1318

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