User Homepage v0.10

Release 0.10 of the User Homepage Replacement
Note: With later version of the firmware (Jan 2009) for the PCH this will no longer work.

  • new suspend.cgi and related item in table, stops all nmt-apps
  • play.cgi updated for proper slideshow support
  • play.cgi updated with exclude filters(space seperated list of regexp's to match to dir names)
  • added end-user preferences page
  • new variables set by end user for links to movies, photos, and music
  • new variable set by end user for the random play exclude filter
  • msp theme has its own (shoddy) pictures now, only a few borrowed from MSP
  • Added Grand theme by Dinauktion
  • Added Classic_German theme by FLaSH
  • Updated Classic theme
  • Updated Sleek theme
    • visual updates from mcmilly
    • updating clock from erik bernhardson
  • new script openshared.cgi, like play.cgi but for html files
  • added multiple language support for the item table builder
    • if your PCH uses a different language, please see the readme in the .user_homepage/lang directory.
  • when changing theme, will now also show theme-*.zip files in the root of mounted drives, and install them when chosen


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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-09-19-1318

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