Colorado Skin for YAMJ

A blended skin using indexing from PPP2 and details from SmokedGlass with modifications for both.

I want to thank all the skin developers that I borrowed parts and pieces from their skins.
For some time I've been using a blend of SmokedGlassPPP3 from Nodak, and ppp2 from PPP.
My particular blend was indexing from PPP2 and details from SmokedGlass.

Features: up to 13 parts in a series, enhanced graphic navigator buttons, subtitle icon, season # for TV series, certification rating, DIRECT TO A SET DISPLAY LINK.


people MOD for evZap v1.2.1

evZap could be modded to insert people poster in the detail movie page

I would thanks safran64 for his gratefull help. Special thanks to Legion455 for detail person screen and people fanart.

************ NEW with version R0160 or Eversion,
************ All the people menu, All the people lists and all the PHOTO's wall are actives,
************ include already existing entries/menu (Actor, Person, Director, Writer)
************ click on the remote OK/SELECT/ENTER switch to the movies' list for the selected people

AC Ryan - Jukebox Fixes and Modifications - v1.7

AndyA has reworked some of the Jukebox files to fix some of the issues and tidy up a few things.


The zip file attached contains the updated files and installation instructions are below.


Each subsequent revision includes all previous fixes.


These modifications are not supported by AC Ryan and come with no warranty of any kind

URL: Original Thread

Aeon Additional Items

 Here are some additional downloads for the Aeon skin

Please note that most, if not all, of these are no longer maintained


 There is an excellent web site called that is sort of a of movies and TV Shows.


I encourage you all to install the excellent PCHTrakt CSI application to allow your videos to be scrobbled to the site. An additional benefit is that the PCHTrakt application will also write out watched files for use by YAMJ.


URL: Support thread

Photo Jukebox

Windows application that generates slideshows for all your photos stored on your NMT device, or accessible from your NMT device.


Do you like this software? Consider a donation to aid future development!

(PayPal account not required)


Updated: 2011-11-07: Version 1.4.1. For changelog, see below.


URL: Support Thread

nmtPYtools 0.3 - extendable toolbox with Python webserver - CSI install files

nmtPYtools is based on the Karrigell webserver framework and offers a toolbox with 3 tools at the moment:


Music Browser for all NMT devices - Update August, 2nd, 2011

Music Browser ( for NMT

update August, 2nd, 2011: Now also completely compatible with all A/C2xx NMTs. Fixed some scripts so it will run without requiring newer busybox installations.



WARNING: if you want to use watched feature - set all file watched.js watched-img.js and watched.cgi mod to 755 - otherwise this functionnality could not work properly


Rutabaga_Mod_jlb-v1.3.6 has tested with R3708 and later

Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-1.3.3 need  R3486 (MANDATORY) or newer

update 07.02.2013: Rutabaga_Mod_jlb-v1.3.6

update 06.23.2013: Rutabaga_Mod_jlb-v1.3.5

update 01.18.2013: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.3.4

update 12.28.2012: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.3.3

download V1.3.5

PPP2 Skin for YAMJ

From PPP:

Hi, I've finished my second skin today and like to share it. This skin uses some parts of tsons 5150 skin (mainly the movie information part)

and excals fanart background

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