[SD Skin] RutabagaJexcal 0.4e SD - Plots, Trailers, Fanart [03.05.09]

After much work we present you a nice working version of the RutabagaJexcal HD Skin in SD. This version is still under development, so feel free to post suggestions in support thread (same thread than the HD).




CHANGELOG rev 0.4e SD:

- max 24 Episodes on Detailpage
- with usual handling no more jumping of graphics on detail page



Support and Download Thread German NMT Forum for HD and SD Skin

Cineblue SD

By paulcito

Here is an SD skin I made you might like to try.

This is an SD skin I put together for use on my 19" LG Flatron TV. Its optimized for an SD screen with a 4:3 AR.


YAMJ Default skin localized, English and Dutch included

This is the default skin included with YAMJ  r1003 with a minor adjustment to translate strings to the prefered language.

GUIMovieJukeBox version 0.5.0 (32bit & 64bit) by Plesken (hdtvpolska)

GUI for MovieJukebox.    Start:  GUI.bat

URL: Download Link

SRT (Beta) by Mr M.

Hello here is a modified Skin which based on the default YAMJ Skin.

Support Thread

Mika - PCH Java

MIKA is a port of Java to run locally on the NMT's.  It is developed by other77

Downloading and Building Mika

Source code repository

You can obtain a copy of the "head" (i.e. latest developement-) version of Mika from the source repository as follows:

svn checkout svn://svn.k-embedded-java.com/Mika/trunk

Build tools

To build Mika you will need following tools:

URL: Forum Topic

Redefined [Static Index]

This index goes with the theme/skin Redefined that we are working on for YAMJ. As with all the indexes just change the links according to your setup. This version doesn't have the weather/date/time implemented but the next release should.


RutabagaJexcal 0.5 - Plots, Trailers, Fanart, HQ DVDCases - ALSO IN SD [29.04.09]

The title just explain it, i made a skin mix of the two in my opinion best skins existing.
Basically it depends on the Index of robinjexcal-Skin (Thanx for that great work mate) and the Details from Rutabaga (Thanx for permission to mod and release it here). Die TVIDs in the sections are the ones from the original two skins.


Supportthread German NMT Forum


Hi, because i like the 5150 skin very much, but also like the fanart background of robinsjexcals skin, i've combined both to one skin. So some others ask for it, i post it now. First i wanted to name the skin 5150_robinsjexcals, but than i mistyped it 3 times in my moviejukebox.properties so that i renamed it to ppp1 - that was easier... Wink

Support Thread

YAMJ GUI Config v0.51

This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new users.

 Latest Version: 0.51

URL: Support Thread
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