Skins HD-TV Rutabaga for YAMJ and Music juke box updated 05/07/09

2 HD-TV Skins :
- Rutabaga for YAMJ (Last update :7 May Rev 1.14)
- RutabagaMusic for Music jukebox (Last update :19 April Rev 1.12)
Downloads, detail, revisions

For more infos, Revisons and Downloads click here

Index by: Exlo

Notes: For HDTV, has both english and Norwegian version

Support Thread

Meowmix v1.2

Streamed NMT Bootleg

This skin is based on the XBMC skin, MediaStream, by Team Razorfish. It's been ported to MediaPortal as Streamed MP. Now some of those graphics and visuals are being brought to the NMT. Note that this is still a work in progress. I'll update this post as progress is made.

Please read the Support Thread for more information

Support Thread

Index By: McMillionaire

It has finally been released! Thanks to Excal (I modified his index page) and Journey!

Place the files onto a usb. Go to the last icon and choose the installer (it is an html file)
Follow the instructions.
You should see a change theme button. Change the theme to sleek.

**This is not a regular This requires an installation through start.cgi

Please read the support thread

Support Thread

Index By: Kdoske

-Design for HDTV

Support Thread

Index Replacement by Excal

-designed for HDTV


Support Thread

RobinsjExcal Skin

This is the excellent RobinsjExcal skin for YAMJ. It is the first skin to use Fanart as backgrounds for the videos

Forum Support Topic

Smooth v01

With this index file, I wanted to keep it simple in functionality and clean in aethetics. For many of the menu buttons, I used transparant images, allowing the background image to slightly show through. If you want, you can copy over the 'background.jpg' image in the 'index images' folder to give it your own look. I suggest using a 1280x720 image. It will square up best on HDTV's.

Video Preview

File Creator

This is a program for creating a list of example video files for use in testing jukeboxes. It takes a list of filenames from a text file and copies an example video file to those filenames. If the filename looks like a series, then it will attemt to create subdirectories for the season.

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