NFO Convertor v0.3

This version now has a GUI and the option to backup the files as well as keep the original file data in the generate NFO file.

I have attached the AutoIT source code if you want to take it and modify it to your needs. This is released under creative commons licences:


Back to Basics

This is just like any other index.htm. It requires the user to edit the paths specific to his or her setup. I went for a simple design, after being inspired by Excal's Calm index.

So far everything is static. In a future release I would like to add some transition effects.

Thanks to Excal for the coding.

Feel free to make suggestions on improving it.

Alternate MJ100_details.xsl file for MLMJ

The attached MJ100_details.xsl file is an alternate version of the one used by Legion in his My Lil Movie Jukebox (MLMJ).  This version identifies MoC entries with Episodes and matches the media links to the Episode details.  See included MS-Word document for usage guidance.

Creating sub-indexes for Box Sets and Collections in My Lil Movie Jukebox

The attached MS-Word document describes an approach to creating "sub-index" pages in My Lil Movie Jukebox.  Sub-index pages are useful for simplifying the main index page by showing only a single index coverpage which links to a sub-index page that contains all of the index covers for a given collection (such as the collection of James Bond movies).

My Lil Movie Jukebox guides and add-ons

Tutorials, guides and add on's for use with Legion's My Lil Movie Jukebox (MLMJ)

YAMJ GUI v1.2 (Discontinued)

This is a GUI helper screen for setting up YAMJ. It has been discontinued and will no longer be developed. This means that it will not work with later version of YAMJ

Please see this thread on the Networked Media Tank forums for support:

This GUI has been updated to deal with the latest version of YAMJ (r409 - YAMJ v1.0.13).

This will not work on older versions of YAMJ.

To upgrade from a previous version, overwrite the GUI.hta file.

URL: GUI Config

User Homepage v0.10

Release 0.10 of the User Homepage Replacement
Note: With later version of the firmware (Jan 2009) for the PCH this will no longer work.


Automatic Playlist Generator

This thing will take a directory of your choosing, scan the directory for what ever file type you pick, and then create a playlist in PCH format.



This site is intended to be a one-stop shop for all files relating to the Popcorn Hour and NMT based players. Developers can create pages for their releases and upload the files to a single site for users to download. If you are a developer, please create an account and apply for a developer status. This will allow you to create release for your software. - Omertron

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