Rutabaga MOD-HD by Hispanico

Rutabaga MOD-HD by Hispanico
v.4.4 - r2413

Everyone prefer a specific Skin for our Yamj and personally i search to join the simplicity of Rutabaga Skin with the detail & look of AEon skin.

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Jukebox Automator

This little application encapsulates some of the programs needed to create your jukeboxes and streamlines the execution by multitasking as much as, and as efficiently as, possible.


This application is written in C# (.Net), but if someone wants to port it...feel free :)


Automatic updates and create update patches with wyBuild


URL: JukeboxAutomator

YAYMan v0.99.99.26

YAYMan (Yet Another Yamj Manager) is a GUI which allows you to edit the information for individual videos without having to delve into the XML manually.

YAYMan requires YAMJ r3835 or newer.



URL: Support Thread

[HDTV YAMJ Skin] Rutabaga

Check on Downloads, detail, revisions  to see different possibilities.

Multilanguage, Different detail skins depending on configuration variables and file type (movies or TV-Series).

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As i no longer have a PCH and moved onto a Dune prime i will not be updating my skins, also it wont be possible for me to support the skin used in newer versions of Yamj.

The skin below is working fine on Yamj r1333.

If anyone wants to take over, they are free to do so.


This is a skin based on redefined and incorporates style elements from aeon,popbox,PPP3.1


This is a index replacement, based on EJP´s popbox skin


Is specially intented to have  a dual skin working, so you can select which view (wall or list) with a single button press. As you see, both wall and list view have the same number of movies (15) so if you are ie. at page 15 of your movies you switch to the same page and see the same movies but in a different way


So let´s get to it:


- I use myihome so i created a batch file to automatize the 2 jukebox creation.


AC Ryan Config (Mac)

A.C. Ryan Logo PlayonHD Logo


This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new Mac users.

This is for the A.C. Ryan Playon!HD media player only.

This software is for Mac users only, for the PC Windows version see here: GUI_Config_ACR

URL: Support Thread

Aeon Customized BoxSets/TV Series Index Pages (By JoeFagundes)

Using Dreamweaver and RoundPic I improved the look of several TV Series index pages and some Movies BoxSets. This is to use with AEON Movie Wall. There are several steps that you must take to make this work, they are easy:

Download "posteroverlay3.png" to the folder /skins/default/html/pictures/ this is only if you are downloading a movie boxset index page.

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YAMJ Poster Maker

YAMJ Poster Converter is a utility that can manipulate downloaded image files to be used as posters in YAMJ.

URL: Support thread

HeartWare Utilties for NMT devices

HeartWare utilities for the NMTs...


I currently have two pieces of software for use on NMTs:

  1. PopCorn MKV AudioConverter converts audio in MKV files between formats that NMTs cant read to formats that they can.
  2. YAMJ Poster Maker takes images downloaded from the InterNet and converts them into images suitable to use as posters in YAMJ


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