YAMJ GUI Config v1.0.3 (for A.C. Ryan Playon!HD)

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This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new users.

 Latest Version: 1.0.3

This is for the A.C. Ryan Playon!HD media player only.

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Jericho Skin HD 720p

As i no longer have a PCH and moved onto a Dune prime i will not be updating my skins, also it wont be possible for me to support the skin used in newer versions of Yamj.

If anyone wants to take over, they are free to do so.


Here's finally my new skin called jericho.

Tested on my 300 movie collection with the very latest yamj build and is working as it should.


Support Thread

iSkin - The YAMJ skin for internet connected devices (iOS, Android, or a computer using Chrome or Safari)

iSkin: The YAMJ skin for Internet Connected Devices (iOS, Android, etc)

iSkin brings YAMJ to your internet connected devices that have web-kit based browsers.  That includes the Apple iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch, Android phones and tablets, and well as computers or laptops that use Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


iSkin thread at networkmediatank forums


This skin is a modification to PPP3. Some issues have been resolved to work better with new dev. builds. YAMJ r1110 and r1118 have been tested. Credit Goes to PPP for creating this skin. I just updated it with new graphics and fixed some bugs.



detail page general:
- Red shows the plot tab
- Green shows the info tab
- Blue hides/shows all
- INFO shows/hides the poster
- Left/Right scrolls through the tabs
- Enter on a tab changes the informations displayed in the box

SD-wide Skin for YAMJ

This is a clean, simple, pleasant looking skin for YAMJ specifically developed for widescreen SD display devices (for example widescreen CRT TVs).

It's derived from the default SD skin, but has several enhanchements and the on-screen rendering of the covers has been tweaked to keep the correct aspect ratio on a widescreen TV. The details page now also includes cast and numeric IMDB rating.

Further information & Downloads

YAMJ - Latest Development Build

Tson's 5150-sd Skin (Default Variant) Updated (2010-01-23)

Please see the support thread for more information.


IMPORTANT: Most recent update was done due to changes in v1.7r1282. The latest release is for those using official release v1.7r1282 of YAMJ. There are no real changes in this release except to make it work with v1.7, if you are using the previous version without issue I'd recommend sticking with it for the time being. No major visual changes.


- Corrected to work with official release v1.7 revision 1282.  

Support Thread

Revamp 1.1b

Please see the support thread for more information. And post if you had problems there.

Update 1.1b version. Added new features (check the readme) and fixed some problems playing dvd, isos, bin... files (try the "play" button if "enter" button return you to details page. To rebuild just delete all your html files of jukebox folder and run YAMJ.

Update 1.1a version. If you had the 1.1 version and you haven't any problem you don't need to update. Update only if you had problems when running the tool..

Support Thread



Set Fanart!!! Include the following line in your moviejukebox.properties file and the skin should take care of the rest



One difference between the Set Index and a non-Set Index when fanart is turned on is that the thumbnails start at the bottom instead of the top of the page. I think it looks better that way with most fanart.


I've updated this skin to use the new preferences.xsl and to work with the current YAMJ 1.7, or maybe a revision or two past that.

Support and Discussion URL

PPP3.1 - skin updated, some new features

Hi, inspired by mcmillyonaires marvellous revamp mokups i wanted to pimp the the movie detail page for ppp2 a bit. But than the changes were so huge and i liked the new look so much, that i redid the whole skin and called the new one (big surprise and very creative) ppp3. As before i did only minor changes to the index page (this will come at next).


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