GTspecial Zappiti-look-a-like

- custom links on start menu, indexes and detail pages
- popup or static covers on index
- categories menu on index (press MENU then LEFT/RIGHT UP/DOWN)
- watchbar (hidden or shown) on detail pages to select Plot, Extras, Bonus, Trailes (not download trailers) and Multipart files
- episode index with videoimages on tv detail page (press MENU on detail page, then LEFT/RIGHT UP/DOWN to select episode, press MENU again to switch from index to details of this episode or hit ENTER to start playlist or PLAY to start only this episode)
- summary informations on tv SET pages (if enabled)
- possibility to left/center/right align of the covers on SET index page
- possibility to top/center/bottom the covers on SET index page
- possibility to cleanview index pages withoutmovie titles and page count
- show titles on index left aligned or centered
- some more options to customize index pages

Please see the support thread for full installation instructions


If you already have v0.98 then only download the Update zip below and replace the files in the GTSpecial directory

Example images: 
GTspecial_public_beta_099.zip18.78 MB
Update_0.98_to_0.99.zip12.67 KB

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