Bikini skin for YamjV3 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Bikini skin for YamjV3 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

This is a new skin for yamjV3

This skin is developped with html5 it’s compatible and tested with w7/w10 32 and 64 bits (IE10 and later, Chrome 31and later, Firefox 24 and later) / Android 4.4 (chrome/firefox)


if you jump from V1.1.0 the skin NEED THE VERSION ca81779 or greater of YamjV3 (last updated at 2016/12/22 08:20:11)


because the new skin is too big to be stored into this site

you will find 2 links to download the archive (contains the main program and general pictures)  and his extension which contains the icons of studios and flags v1.3.0

no change for extension

Bikini skin


– fix certification , rating, year, genre, studio, watch selection in detail page


– adjust director, writer, actor in detail page according with HSQL

– fix title comment

– fix path count and display in info_config

– adjust studio length display


– add media info: originalTitle, sortTitle, fileDate, extra flag

– adjust lisibility in code


– fix popup_player for chrome

– fix direct_play from index with normalise_path

– fix tmdb call for movie

– add display, remove, add banner

– add new skin parameter  – title type : allow to choose to display title, sort_title, original_title


– fix person count with next and previous home selector

– fix list season for a selected serie in wall mode

– fix (workaround) duplicate episode when more than one videoimage for an episode

– fix season_frame position in detail_frame with wall display

– fix resize the title font depending of the length

– adjust: left menu to responsive design

– adjust: top icon to responsive

– adjust: config popup to responsive

– add:  mediainfo rescan in the mediainfo popup

– adjust: top bar height

– adjust: person popup list in detail windows

– fix navPersonH display people when no original title


– add person list

– add sort selector to person


– adjust rewrite all index and index_{categories} to apply wall and list

– adjust redisign list page

– adjust add a new skin setting (display_type) for wall or list default value


– fix ‘new’ reset done when calling index research with series

– fix cursor_position ()

– fix detail_display ()

– fix long display with more 1000 video

– adjust to display header first

– add index_list

– fix several minor typo in template.js

– add wall or list selector

– add media info for series season and episode

– add display media info for each episode

– add subtitle image for each episode

– add split episode selector for each episode type


– fix certification for foreign country

– fix webdl videosource

– adjust dissociate index and index new to apply selection parameter to each of them

– fix missing display with nav_personH


– fix all_resolution translation

– fix navPersonH with ‘ in the name

– fix no_biography translation

– add detection of inside filmography with navPersonH

– fix person display with style page, vertical ribbon, horizontal ribbon

– modify to use the new sorting mecanism with artwork

– display the last photo stored first

– modify to use the new sortby mecanism for year sorting

– modify all_resolution text to all


– adjust translation in config value and new page

– adjust translation in info_config

– adjust translation in yamj3 skin settings

– fix index_studio

– adjust translation in all index pages

– add cover (overlays) to all index page (full implemented)

– add rating and boxset icon to all index page

– add enable or disable cover parameter in skin settings

– add person all in one

– add display the last stored photo


– fix job transation

– add overlays (need some feature from yamj3 to be complete)

– fix minor problems


– fix unapply translatation to image path  

– add resolution selector

– add ability to manually add poster and fanart from file storage


– modify detail update all incomplete person only – without biography or without artwork

– add merge duplicate person

– fix minor problems

– fix update person and update filmography , missing .json


– fix year selector

– minor fix


– fix display rating and not_done in index page


– add prefered certification to info_config

– adjust decoration of configuration image and text

– adjust prefered certification get function

– add use and display status for movie (mediainfo) person (biography)

– add title display for country + watched

– add player info and player paths info to info popup

– fix addition of external_id for person

major release V2.0.0

– fix info config button in index page

– add toggle person frame on detail page

– adjust rescan movie in detail page

– add rescan person

– add rescan filmography

– add rescan movie artwork

– add rescan person artwork

– adjust search people with first_name and last_name

– add boxset icon if movie is in a boxset in index wall

– add rating in movie wall

– add boxset contents display with boxset icon

– add rating contents display with rating icon

– add sourceId display if enable or disable

– add global rescan  for people in a movie

– add rescan artwork for boxset

– fix boxset with ‘

– add enable / disable external_id for person

– add trailer in detail page

– add delete / ignore / download trailer

– add display boxset artwork if available otherwise 1rst movie artwork

– add popup info and translation to various activ fields in datil page and biography page

– add rescan person

– add rescan photo for person

– add rescan filmography

– add update / delete / ignore for person with source (imdb, allocine , tmdb)

– add boxset artwork display

– adjust country to new country API return

– adjust language to new language API return

– adjust sort person by name , default if no search order

– add year selection and decade selection menu

– add library2 which now use player, paths stored under player information

– add prefered certification country within skin settings

– adjust country with ISO code in navCountry, mediainfo (detail page), indexCountry

– adjust set and reset watched with new watched strategy

– adjust rewrite skin setting


– adjust play button in detail page

– add prefered page in detail page

– fix some navigation in indexes pages

– fix none available value in aphabetical list for person

– adjust rewrite code for index call

– fix display priority for info, play, watch button and hearder menu


– fix person display frame in index page

– adjust display priority for person frame

– add external_id to mediainfo in detail page

– add allow to go to the target site with external_ids

– add update (add, update, delete) external_id

– add allow user to change watched status directly from index page

– adjust title font depending of the length of the title in detail page

– adjust info count font depending of the length of the info count in all index page

– adjust font-size biography to responsive design

– add filmography_inside to biography

– replace video selector by search popup in detail page

– adjust fanart / plot display when search popup is called

– adjust biography popup height to allow selection of other person

– fix several undefined value

– adjust direct info toggle in index page

– add available title menu in index and detail

– add available title or person page

– add translation for skin config

– add info popup for several icon

– adjust sort item, watched item in all index page


– add missing pictures


– adjust person frame at the same place than the synopsys in detail page

– fix escape value in filename for episode name while using play function

– adjust syntax of play confirmation

– add various translation (previously hardcoded)

– fix jquery error with include_menu_left

– add error message when no source_path/target_path found

– fix year selection in search page

– add year as an activ value in detail page

– add icon sort selector in people frame to show the sort selected case

– adjust in detail page all activ value are in cyan

– modify : split biography and filmography into 2 pages

– adjust biography and filmography for responsive design

– adjust detail frame for responsive design

– add year to the title in boxset page, sort by year ascending

– adjust position of search icon in all index page


– adjust all mediainfo display when no value is available

– rebuild: internal rework of all language call to store in local storage rather than openning file each time

– rebuild: internal rework of all programs to fix error according with W3C rules

– add dummy for each image type or add .png if .jpeg

– add alt value for each image

– add info button on each index and nav page

– modify: all index and nav page to adjust number of poster per line / per page with the dimension of the windows (responsive response)

– rebuild: internal rework of left menu frame to include in an object tag

– add + button to jump to the detail of the movie selected in detail_frame

– fix: player path translation with library.xml contents

– fix: player setting in config page

– add poster border to all index page

– adjust all title line, height, width, position in index page according with the poster’s number selected

– fix when there is no filmography inside

– add translation for config


– add 3D animation on detail page

– add videosource logo on detail page

– translate director, actor, writer, delete, update, no, awards, ….

– add config icon to open the config page directly from config info frame

– modify filmography to display as table

– add country list (list of country)

– add country selection by index

– add awards list (list of awards)

– add awards selection by index

– add awards display in mediainfo detail page

– modify country fix in API for series

– fix no subtitle display

– add update function in detail page

– adjust info line in detail page (add runtime, icon, channels, and suppress id)

– add video id in detail page, media info tag

– adjust title in info frame from index page


– modify the function hover on the left menu

– add index New to the prefered page

– fix few problems with the config page

– fix dummy poster and dummy fanart


– add prefered page to config settings

– add prefered page with the yamjv3 logo in index page

– modify config page (very great rewriting)

– add info_config button (display info config in a frame)

– fix some display priority with android

– modify , generalise left menu with a toggle display/hidden button

– modify index page to adjust to the same width than the detail page

– modify index page to diplay more poster according with the new width

– modify to enlarge contextual upper left icon (easier to click with a finger)

– modify to enlarge left menu icon (easier to click with a finger)

– fix synopsis height

– add video country display in detail page

– fix video frame in detail page

– modify search page to add various search like new


– fix boxset to add 1rst member poster if no poster is available for set

– fix boset to display all member in index page

– fix config frame set to relaod when style change

– fix new default parameter stored in bikini skin

– add set index page in general left navigation


– fix all page display for android (priority of frame, popup ribbon)

– add new setting for new value

– fix several minor bugs


– add boxset list and index of video in boxset – need to be completed

– add studio list and list of video for a specified studio, activ info studio in detail page

– add rating list by rating site or combined all together, list of video for a specified rating, activ info rating in detail page

– add certification list, list of video for a specified certification, activ info certification in detail page

– add source list, list of video for a specified source, activ info source in detail page

– add custom genre page – allow to specify fo r each genre the target genre

– add scrolling left frame for navigation beetween all the pages

– add new scrolling with mouse or finger with the scrolling left frame without scrollbar

– adjust a lot of positionning info in the info box

– add a lot of translating words

– add watched/unwatched selector

– add new selector , new icon for 30 days creation in database, and a set a days for new files in the filesystem

– add icon to select movie, series, season, all

– add mediainfo in detail page

– add delete option for a specified video to remove from the database (not from the filesystem)

– add edit function to remove poster and fanart from the detail page – remove from the database

– add short cast list in detail page

– add left navigation frame auto-visible in detail page

– all call to yamjv3 home page from the skin

– fix several bugs

– fix positionning bugs

– adjust all the inner call to yamjv3 API (special thanks to @modmax, which is making a fabulous job)

– adjust person display popup with filmography

– add genres target implementation

– add mediainfo implementation

– add watched implementation

– add contextual menu right icon for detail page

– add ignore action for unwanted poster

– add delete entry in database for movie / series

– fix pathname with current version

– fix Filename instead og filename

– add &used=true to genre selection

– add genrelist html page

– add genrelist edit function

– add menu yamjv3

play function for episode is now working, yamj3 API has been fixed

– add play button for each episode

– add preselection of the play icon when selecting an episode

– add button to close person frame

– add navigation in person windows next 2500, prev 2500, back to 1rst 2500 person

– add year translation

– add several genre image

– adjust block-genre padding

– adjust lang.js to reorganise with alphabetical order

– add video type button on index page

– fix person page call when inside person page

– add filmography

– adjust all page and frame to filmography

– fix display the 1rst available poster rather than the 1rst on the list


– add local player for PC with wmp plugin and vlc plugin

– add player type PC

– fix series/season playback

– adjust: reorganize all language with alphabetic order

– fix : search frame dimension


– adjust: apply to search page results the style setted

– adjust: apply to detail right menu the style setted

– change: display title on the bottom for movie detail (adjust everything to that new position)

– adjust: all index with no paging mode and / or scrolling bar

– adjust: play info popup position

– fix: play movie with ‘

– add: remote to upper left menu / remove from contextual menu – the right one

– add: movie and tvshow logo – play movie/tv when click

– adjust: header to the screen in detail page

– fix: remote play

– fix: close frame with android device

– adjust: info button dimension with poster dimension


– add if no paging setted, infobex is opened relativly to the cursor position

– change ~ value, used now as no paging setting , applied to the current line number already choosen

– add yellow border on season box when mouseover  

– add yellow border on genre box when mouseover  

– add info button to genre index wall

– clean code


– add info button to index

– add info movie popup window on click on info button

– add info series popup window on click on info button

– add info episode popup window on click on season image

– change movie / tv icon – click on detail page allow to play

– add yellow border to poster when mouseover

– adjust type to indextype in all files

– fix type settings / display with genre index

– adjust left menu height

– adjust page holder size

– fix paging is no paging needed (0 and ~)

– adjust play icon in index page


– add direct play from index page

– add info button to show share declared in the PCH

– add multi-skin

– add popup remote

– fix settings

– fix episode selection with ribbon

– fix closing frame with lang setting

– adjust get API config

– adjust console logging

– modify search page

– modify config page

– modify jQuery version to 1.11.0

– known problem: – play function for episode – not yet working till yamj3 will be fixed


 – add movie popup (horizontal ribbon)

 – adjust all the view to the screen

 – add close button inside frame

 – simplify menu border


 – add current setting display in config window


 – fix issue with number of index line commit


 – add a lire (readme.txt in french)

V1.0.0 ==> 1rst install of this version need to customise My_library.xml and configure (player, language, style, number of  index line)

 – 1rst playabel skin with Yamj3 (on PC and tablet android)

 – add a readme.txt which describe how to install, configure, use

 – rewrite contextual and persmanent menu

 – add remote control

 – add style parameter

– v0.1.3

 – change skin variable to add prefix bikini

 – adjust some page for tablet

– v0.1.2

 – add ribbon selector to search feature

 – move poster in bottom for detail movie

 – adjust genre border

 – modify box shadow for poster

 – add person selector in person index to perform the next person search

– v.0.1.1

introduce a skin configuration inside the skin itself : by default the skin create default value in config database : row=3 and lang=en

if the value (skin_language and skin_index_row) have been already created previously the skin take the value already stored

anyway skin keys could be setted , updated or deleted manually with config api interface.

– add row selection for index

— 0 or ~ : scroll all the movie without page

–1 : 1 row and 6 posters

–2 : 2 rows and 12 posters

–3 : 3 rows and 27 postes (9 columns)

–4 : 4 rows and 44 posters (11 colmns)

–5 : 5 rows and 60 posters (12 columns)

–6 : 6 rows and 72 posters (12 columns)

for each value poster/title are redimensionned according with the selection and the page is automatically refreshed

– add language selection

— en, it, es, de, fr are available

for each value the index page is automatically refreshed

– search popup window

– 2 dynamics menu for navigation and option selection in index page and detail page (click or mouseover to display/hide submenu)

– windows person for the selected movie with ribbon or horizontal windows

— ribbon is vertical , click on a person open a new window to display biography

— horizontal window, allow to an horizontal scroll for the various person of the movie selected, click or move the mouse over the image displays the biography inside the popup windows.

to install:

  1. Right click on the skin’s link below
  2. Select "Copy link address"
  3. Make sure YAMJ core is running
  4. Browse to localhost:8888/
  5. Select skins
  6. Pase the URL into the "URL to download" box
  7. Click "Add Skin"
  8. wait for download and install
  9. hit skins
  10. select bikini launch the skin

Example images: