Colorado Skin for YAMJ | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Colorado Skin for YAMJ | Omertron’s Media Player Site

A blended skin using indexing from PPP2 and details from SmokedGlass with modifications for both.

I want to thank all the skin developers that I borrowed parts and pieces from their skins.

For some time I’ve been using a blend of SmokedGlassPPP3 from Nodak, and ppp2 from PPP.

My particular blend was indexing from PPP2 and details from SmokedGlass.

Features: up to 13 parts in a series, enhanced graphic navigator buttons, subtitle icon, season # for TV series, certification rating, DIRECT TO A SET DISPLAY LINK.

The features that are different are as follows:


* Added a timeout feature to all index pages to return to Other_New TV_1.html after 5 minutes,

since that is my most common screen I use.

* Changed to default posters on the index to 2 rows of 5.

* Changed the Button assignments on the Left Index as follws:

– [Home] – ALL NEW

– [YELLOW] – New TV

– [BLUE] – New Movies

– [RED] – Movies

– [GREEN] – TV Shows


* Added ability to show tabs for up to 13 parts

– a 6th part just as it was in smoked glass

– up to 13 as smaller tabs

* new tab logos created with (…thanks what a great site!)

* added logo graphic for subtitles on far left side

* added logo graphic for H264 videos

* added Sxx number for TV Seasons

* removed TAB / HIDE / SHOW POSTER functionallity

* added a SET tab that shows what set a Movie or TV Show belongs to,

so you can quickly navigate to the full SET index page.

* Repostioned TOP250 number a little higher above ranking

* added MPAA Movie Ratings

* enhanced seperators by using a graphic rather than pipe "|"

These are only needed for other skinners that might want to add to or match the TAB BUTTONS USED HERE:

Options: for the buttons here:

Step1: Button color

Step2: Shape (Tab Down)

Stype (Plain)

Outline (Black)

Mouse Over (None)

Shadow (Drop)

Step 3: Size: Fixed width 50 (smaller part tabs are 20w x 18h)

Fixed height 18

Step 4: Enter Text Center no shadow no URL

Text Size: 11

Step 5: Text Color either BLACK / WHITE / or #aaaaaa

Step 6: Font Regular 1

Step 7: Other defaults to .png output

Example images: 

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