Contributor Notes | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Contributor Notes | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Becoming a Contributor

If you want to add something to the site, for example a skin or piece of software, then you will need to apply for the contributor role. You can apply for the role by emailing HERE

Getting Started


On this website, the software category is intended to be a catch all for software that either runs on the NMT or on a PC / Mac.

The software can be anything you like, from actual jukeboxes, helper applications, fixes, NMT applications, etc. Pretty much anything you want.

Skins & Graphics

The Skins & Graphics category is intended to be a showcase for graphical additions to the NMT platform. These can take the form of skins for jukeboxes, themes for the NMT, Icons for use in other skins, etc.

Other Content

This content type is intended to be informational. It might be a How-To guide or other information

Adding Content

When you are logged in, you will see a link in the left hand menu called "Create Content" this will take you to a list of the content types you can create. Simply click on the content type you want to create.

All of the fields are self explanatory, and anything marked with an asterix (*) is mandatory. The selection boxes, such as  Related Software, are multi-choice enabled, just hold down the CTRL (CMD on Mac) to select multiple entries.


There is a section where you can add as many pictures to your post as you need. By using these filelds and not the main post, they will be automatically re-sized and used in the slideshow effect. To add more than the default two pictures just click the "Add another item" box.


To add files to download to your post, you must click the "File Attachments" section and it will reveal the upload box. Add your files one at a time to the post.

Other Sections

Most of the other sections you should probably leave alone. The ones of interest are:

URL Path Settings

This allows you to have a vanity URL so you can refer to your page like:


Comment Settings

This allows you to turn on/off comments on your post.

Editing Your Pages

If you want to update your pages at a later date, simply click the edit tab at the top of your post. One thing to note, is that the post date will stay the same, so it’s often worth scrolling down to the Authoring Information section and deleteing the "authored on" date so a new date is generated for your post. This will then mean the post is placed at the top of the lists so users can see the newest posts.