Dynamic Movie Skin | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Dynamic Movie Skin | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Dynamic Movie Skin

I have created a database driven Movie Jukebox for the NMT which uses a Python powered dynamic skin generator.

The skin I am using as a template is heavily borrowed from the Unique Black Glas theme. However, the generator is set up so that can design your own skin.

To use Dynamic Movie Skin you will need the following:

NMT (duh!) 😉

A PC running Windows or Linux, a Mac with Python 2.5/2.5 installed, or

– A Dlink (or Conceptronic) NAS running:

  • fonz fun_plug
  • Python

For all installations you will need these Python packages:

  • CherryPy 3.
  • Beautiful Soup.

YANFOE / Ember Media Manager (or similar) to create the NFO files for importing.

This is still very much in development, so there are no guarantess of any type that it will work. 

Instructions for running Dynamic Movie Skin

All the components of the DynamicSkin are included on the archive now, including the documentation, for single file download.

:: Information on the fun_plug for the D-Link NAS. Use this to get Telnet, and Python running on your NAS – http://nas-tweaks.net/CH3SNAS:Tutorials/fun_plug

:: CherryPy download. You will need to wget this to your NAS once you have Telneted to it – http://download.cherrypy.org/cherrypy/3.1.2/CherryPy-3.1.2.zip

:: BeautifulSoup download. Again you will need to wget this once you have Telneted to your NAS – http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/download/3.x/BeautifulSoup-…

Once you have downloaded the two Python packages you will need to unzip them, then install them to make them available to Python. I will assume that if you are able to get as far as Telneting to your NAS and wgetting the packages you won’t need help with the packages.

I am putting this out there to make people aware that it exists, and does indeed work. I am using it as my skin for my NMT and it works a treat, although it quite a bit slower on the NMT than on the PC, even when the .py files are run from the NAS in both cases. I haven’t looked into why this is, but will eventually.

Feel free to leave feedback / questions / criticisms for me.

PC based video demo here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMjt7Bonigs

Actual demonstration video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLp_BfYpJ2w. It’s a bit blurry – my video camera didn’t cope well with the screen, in hind sight I should have used manual focus.

Credit to Mr M for creating the Unique_Glas skin on which this is based, and for inspiring me to take the leap into creating Dynamic Movie Skin.

If anyone has tried this and got it working or wants to contact me about it – you can get me at [email protected]

Version history


  • Create database with Movie Details.
  • CherryPy server to serve up DynamicSkin (from NAS/PC/Mac).
  • Browse and play movies.
  • Search for movies based on actor name / movie name / plot.
  • View an actor’s other movies (from movie detail page) with additional actor thumbnail.

Example images: 

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