This skin is a modification to PPP3. Some issues have been resolved to work better with new dev. builds. YAMJ r1110 and r1118 have been tested. Credit Goes to PPP for creating this skin. I just updated it with new graphics and fixed some bugs.



detail page general:
- Red shows the plot tab
- Green shows the info tab
- Blue hides/shows all
- INFO shows/hides the poster
- Left/Right scrolls through the tabs
- Enter on a tab changes the informations displayed in the box

SD-wide Skin for YAMJ

This is a clean, simple, pleasant looking skin for YAMJ specifically developed for widescreen SD display devices (for example widescreen CRT TVs).

It's derived from the default SD skin, but has several enhanchements and the on-screen rendering of the covers has been tweaked to keep the correct aspect ratio on a widescreen TV. The details page now also includes cast and numeric IMDB rating.

Further information & Downloads

Musicbox Meow 1.2.3 [MPD and MONO]

A MusicJukebox skin to Browse your Music and play it via mpd on the PCH


You need


* Music Jukebox (


* Music Player Daemon ( (if you wannt MPD as player)


 (included since 1.2)  the latest cgi files from jazzlightbeer (thanks to him) , If you have Problems with the cgi files, it's also a good Thread


GUIMovieJukeBox version 0.5.0 (32bit & 64bit) by Plesken (hdtvpolska)

GUI for MovieJukebox.    Start:  GUI.bat

URL: Download Link
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Current build: r1979

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