Transmission Gui for symbian s60v3

Transmission Gui for symbian s60v3.

You can remotely control your favourite torrent client from your mobile phone.

Transmission 1.71 is recommended!!! (It doesn't work on 1.5x, maybe on 1.6x - not tested!)

Please don't ask me to create an iPhone/s60v2/s60v5 version!

This program was tested on E51. The torrent client was: MNT / Transmission 1.71.

Please help me, tell me your opinion!

thanx bonym


19/08/2009 - new version: 0.97

Install-bug fixed! This version is self-signed again!




ppp2 rev 0.4 - episode screenshots - Trailers - reverseEpisodeOrder

From PPP:

Hi, I've finished my second skin today and like to share it. This skin uses some parts of tsons 5150 skin (mainly the movie information part)

and excals fanart background

Rapidshare Download

Pre Selection MJB-Skin 1.3

For those who don't need the option of "browsing while playing" but want put some albums or songs from the MusicJukebox quickly to a playlist and play them on the NMT I mixed parts of the PHP Playlist Creator and the Meowmoo-Skin into a new Skin for the MJB.





Hi, because i like the 5150 skin very much, but also like the fanart background of robinsjexcals skin, i've combined both to one skin. So some others ask for it, i post it now. First i wanted to name the skin 5150_robinsjexcals, but than i mistyped it 3 times in my so that i renamed it to ppp1 - that was easier... Wink

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