YAMJ Default skin localized, English and Dutch included

This is the default skin included with YAMJ  r1003 with a minor adjustment to translate strings to the prefered language.

File Creator

This is a program for creating a list of example video files for use in testing jukeboxes. It takes a list of filenames from a text file and copies an example video file to those filenames. If the filename looks like a series, then it will attemt to create subdirectories for the season.


New MediaCenter Skin

This a media center index.htm skin, just edit and place in your root of your share or internal hdd.


Heres my latest update on the media center theme im working on.
The thumbs moves like movieflow or Excals redefined skin.



Revamp 1.1b

Please see the support thread for more information. And post if you had problems there.

Update 1.1b version. Added new features (check the readme) and fixed some problems playing dvd, isos, bin... files (try the "play" button if "enter" button return you to details page. To rebuild just delete all your html files of jukebox folder and run YAMJ.

Update 1.1a version. If you had the 1.1 version and you haven't any problem you don't need to update. Update only if you had problems when running the tool..

Support Thread
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