User Homepage v0.10

Release 0.10 of the User Homepage Replacement
Note: With later version of the firmware (Jan 2009) for the PCH this will no longer work.


NFO Convertor v0.3

This version now has a GUI and the option to backup the files as well as keep the original file data in the generate NFO file.

I have attached the AutoIT source code if you want to take it and modify it to your needs. This is released under creative commons licences:


My Lil Movie Jukebox guides and add-ons

Tutorials, guides and add on's for use with Legion's My Lil Movie Jukebox (MLMJ)

Creating sub-indexes for Box Sets and Collections in My Lil Movie Jukebox

The attached MS-Word document describes an approach to creating "sub-index" pages in My Lil Movie Jukebox.  Sub-index pages are useful for simplifying the main index page by showing only a single index coverpage which links to a sub-index page that contains all of the index covers for a given collection (such as the collection of James Bond movies).

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