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A skin or theme for a jukebox

Hello here is a modified Skin which based on the default YAMJ Skin.

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From PPP:

Hi, I’ve finished my second skin today and like to share it. This skin uses some parts of tsons 5150 skin (mainly the movie information part)


and excals fanart background

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The title just explain it, i made a skin mix of the two in my opinion best skins existing.

Basically it depends on the Index of robinjexcal-Skin (Thanx for that great work mate) and the Details from Rutabaga (Thanx for permission to mod and release it here). Die TVIDs in the sections are the ones from the original two skins.

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Hi, because i like the 5150 skin very much, but also like the fanart background of robinsjexcals skin, i’ve combined both to one skin. So some others ask for it, i post it now. First i wanted to name the skin 5150_robinsjexcals, but than i mistyped it 3 times in my moviejukebox.properties so that i renamed it to ppp1 – that was easier… Wink

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2 HD-TV Skins :

– Rutabaga for YAMJ (Last update :7 May Rev 1.14)

– RutabagaMusic for Music jukebox (Last update :19 April Rev 1.12)

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Downloads, detail, revisions

For more infos, Revisons and Downloads click here

This is the excellent RobinsjExcal skin for YAMJ. It is the first skin to use Fanart as backgrounds for the videos

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