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Jukebox Software

A movie and music jukeboxes

Windows application that generates slideshows for all your photos stored on your NMT device, or accessible from your NMT device.

Updated: 2010-11-16: Version 1.2. For changelog, see below.


URL: Support Thread

This little application encapsulates some of the programs needed to create your jukeboxes and streamlines the execution by multitasking as much as, and as efficiently as, possible.

This application is written in C# (.Net), but if someone wants to port it…feel free 🙂

Automatic updates and create update patches with wyBuild

URL: JukeboxAutomator

I am writing a Dynamic Music Skin, which aims to match Music Jukebox’s basic functionality, but using a database backend and Python to generate dynamic pages for the NMT.

There are some requirements before you can run this skin. Please refere to the page on Dynamic Movie Skin which details those requirements before you try running this skin.

Here’s a demo captured off my PC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCmhIvoX6w0

To use this application:


A.C. Ryan LogoPlayonHD Logo

This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new users.

 Latest Version: 1.0.3

This is for the A.C. Ryan Playon!HD media player only.

URL: Support Forum

Kroozbox is a database to HTML gateway written in Java that can run under Windows or Linux.

The original goal was to have access to PVD (Personal Video Database) directly from the Popcorn without any export and remashing of the data (needed with other JukeBox). However, it can also be use to access any type of database content. The system is open, making templates to have access to any database is easy (SQL command knowledge necessary).

There are also templates for Extreme Movie Manager and My Movies.


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