Kdoske NMT Customizer v0.3.7.exe | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Kdoske NMT Customizer v0.3.7.exe | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Official Kdoske NMT Customizer Thread


Kdoske NMT Theme Customizer brings something new to the NMT community. It’s a windows application that takes all the guess work out of setting up an Index. It allows you to add icons to rows, delete them, and change what icon goes where (you cannot change the small home and small settings icons in the two bottom corners of the screen in the program). After you click on an icon to change it it also brings up second window that allows you to choose where that image links to. Built into the program are multiple pull-down menus that allow you to just simply select what you want the link to do and it fills in the rest for you. Some selections require minimal input like Server name, Folder path, index name, zip codes, city state info, etc…

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista

Windows 98 *untested* (Embedded Browser may not be supported, among other things)

Theme Output Previews:

The previews below are displayed on a computer. The NMT displays things much differently then a computer. The smaller icons will be more transparent and the background image will also be displayed differently.

This Kdoske Theme is using the new background, 0 icons on the first row, 5 icons on the second, and 3 on the third. (This screen shot was taken on my computer. As I said above the computer and the nmt render web pages a little differently then the other. The background will be displayed properly on your nmt).

This Kdoske Theme is using 4 icons on the first row, 6 icons on the second, and 2 on the third.

(all icons off)

(all icons on)

This Kdoske Theme is using 4 icons on the first row, 5 icons on the second, and 2 on the third .

(all icons off)

(all icons on)

This Kdoske Theme uses all possible slots for the index. Currently there are not enough small icons to fill them all up.

(all icons off)

(all icons on)

Program Previews:

This is the main screen. Adjust the amount of icons per row using the pull downs on the left of the window. Once icons per row is set click on each icon to change them. To change the background click on the text or the mini background picture below to change it.

These photos below are of the secondary window that pops up when you click an icon image on the first screen. From here you can set the images link location, Filter ID, TVID ID, and image. The pull downs allow you to select

These screen shots are of the embeded browser that pops in a 3rd window when you select weather as the image link location. Weather is provided by Bandit, his post can be found here http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showth…?tid=14832 Make sure you thank him while your there.


Ometron – NMT Web Hosting for all developers

meowmoo – new index that made this so much easier

Bandit – Providing NMT Weather to the masses


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