Kendo’s YAMJ Skin & BoxMe – HQ version 2.0 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Kendo’s YAMJ Skin & BoxMe – HQ version 2.0 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

This is a pretty simple skin. It has ten separate stars for the ratings which the default skins don’t have. Just change the to suit your own personal preferences. I like the simple look without perspective and hd logos, but it’s all changeable.

Background, Stars and silver nav up and down buttons can also be used on the 5150 skin just overwrite the above files in the pictures folder to update it.

Latest Update – 24/06/2009 – BoxMeHQ v2.0 completed

Reflections and Perspective options added for thumbs and posters.

kendotweak skin updated to YAMJ 1.0.17

Discussion forum for BoxMeHQ v2.0 here:

Download below..

Bug fix 16/05/2009 1830hrs GMT :-

Small error corrected in BoxMeHQ, thanks to RavenNL for pointing it out.

If you have any problems please try and download the file again.

Update – 15/05/2009

Final version of BoxMeHQ added with new BD style boxes – readme included in the zip file.

Update – 25/04/2009

KendoTweak updated to latest YAMJ version 1.0.16

New – updated version of warrick’s BoxMe code, and re-Photoshopped box covers and logos.

This will give you high quality source box posters and thumbnails.

Example images: 

Attachment Size – updated default skin for YAMJ 462.23 KB
BoxMeHQ v2.0 READ ME.doc (included in the BoxMe zip file) 2.24 MB
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