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Kroozbox is a database to HTML gateway written in Java that can run under Windows or Linux.

The original goal was to have access to PVD (Personal Video Database) directly from the Popcorn without any export and remashing of the data (needed with other JukeBox). However, it can also be use to access any type of database content. The system is open, making templates to have access to any database is easy (SQL command knowledge necessary).

Kroozbox main intent is to be use on large video library and need to run on a PC (Linux or Windows) located on the same network as the media box (Popcorn, SmartTV, etc).

There are a also templates that connects to Extreme Movie Manager and My Movies databases.

Click here to access Linux addon, EMM and MyMovie Template.

Kroozbox will not run locally on the NMT box. It is intended to be run on an PC located on your local network.


  • Flash support with eVersion for Popcorn A-300+, Popbox
  • Template for LG SmartTV
  • Music Jukebox
  • SSDP (UPNP) – plublish any number of services for older Popcorn Hour
  • HTTP transport.
  • Firbird DB, MySQL, etc
  • Template based
  • Windows NT service
  • Easy HTTP to SQL language integration
  • Easy installation

Include in the package is driver for Firebird, MySQL, MSSQL. I also include a small PVD file so it can be tested just by starting it (without config). Templates could be done for any database system that are SQL based (Music, Video, Yellow pages, etc). Refer to included documentation for more details.

Only the notice template is include in the main package, other templates are downloaded independently.

Update to Version 2.3

  • Add new inline functions
  • Add subinfo database access
  • Add DBINFO counter
  • Add eversion service and speciality tags
  • Add eversion template
  • Fix latest series in PVDTemplate-HD 
  • 64 Bits library for Firebird SQL in embedded mode

Update to Version 2.0

  • Include service configuration and instruction to serve YAMJ.
  • Added inline template functions (see template dev. document for details)
  • Add dynamic cache for database images (‘ActivateImageCache’ properties)
  • Add image pre-process capabilities for database images – 3D, perpective effect (‘ActivateImageEffect’ property)
  • Fix playback issue when media path name contains ‘&’ character
  • Fix to view VIDEO_TS (folder) through share. Fix done for all templates – implemented in PVD.
  • Add counter capability to template
  • Better UUDecoding of none-english language on file requests (may still have some issue on some paltform)
  • Record count display start at 1. Not zero based anymore.
  • Service level auto-update (no need to restart Kroozbox when changes are made to the template specific globalParameter file).  May take up to 5 seconds.
  • Fix bug where the image replacement (noImage.jpg) would not be resize to the requested size (the ‘noImage.jpg’ file is now cached)
  • Adjust html cache to reload on different date (not only if newer)
  • Fix bug where auto-update of local database file (localcopy=true) may not work on big movie database file (synch detection issue).
  • Added simple password protection access.
  • Change defaultCategory property in for simple (none-SQL) HTTP server to treat value as normal HTML page instead of numerical sub-category.


Update to version 1.8:

  • Add more wildcard for template
  • Adjust of PVD HD template with playlist to play all episodes or all multiple parts of a movie.
  • Adjustment for better ODBC bridge integration
  • You can now add "-off" at the end of a template folder to exclude it from usage.
  • Misc. bugs

Update to version 1.7a:

  • Issue with image cover extraction from music file fix. Note that you will have to delete your music database file (./dbrepo/MUSIC.KRZDB) for this fix to take effect

New with this version:

  • Music jukebox (template and plugin)
  • Template level configuration file
  • Misc. Bug fixes
  • Media relocation table
  • Media link relocation table
  • Video Template adjustments

Example images: 

Attachment Size
Kroozbox version 2.3c 16.3 MB
PVD and LG SmartTV Template (need Kroozbox v. 2.3 and up) 1.02 MB
PVD and Flash based Syabas (A-300, etc) template (need Kroozbox v. 2.3 and up) 10.21 MB
Music Template (same as Kroozbox 2.0) 803.44 KB 8.02 MB 1.05 MB 7.96 MB 7.85 MB