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Music Jukebox

Windows application that generates slideshows for all your photos stored on your NMT device, or accessible from your NMT device.

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Updated: 2011-11-07: Version 1.4.1. For changelog, see below.

URL: Support Thread

So i start fixing  a few bugs in my old skin and ending up making a complete new one…

more info and pics here…

New Release:

JLRutaMJB_1.4.3 fix some misunderstanding xsl code with C200

JLRutaMJB_1.4.2 adjust the skin to implement with some new feature of MJB , add minor fix

JLRutaMJB_1.4.1 simplify the creation of thumb for photojukebox, use the features of MJB 8.2, corrections of several problems (MJB 8.2 is mandatory with this release)

forum discussion for this skin (link , package, installation instructions, …)

For those who don’t need the option of "browsing while playing" but want put some albums or songs from the MusicJukebox quickly to a playlist and play them on the NMT I mixed parts of the PHP Playlist Creator and the Meowmoo-Skin into a new Skin for the MJB.



A MusicJukebox skin to Browse your Music and play it via mpd on the PCH

You need

* Music Jukebox (

* Music Player Daemon ( (if you wannt MPD as player)

 (included since 1.2)  the latest cgi files from jazzlightbeer (thanks to him) , If you have Problems with the cgi files, it’s also a good Thread


2 HD-TV Skins :

– Rutabaga for YAMJ (Last update :7 May Rev 1.14)

– RutabagaMusic for Music jukebox (Last update :19 April Rev 1.12)


Downloads, detail, revisions

For more infos, Revisons and Downloads click here

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