Musicbox Meow 1.2.3 [MPD and MONO] | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Musicbox Meow 1.2.3 [MPD and MONO] | Omertron’s Media Player Site

A MusicJukebox skin to Browse your Music and play it via mpd on the PCH

You need

* Music Jukebox (

* Music Player Daemon ( (if you wannt MPD as player)

 (included since 1.2)  the latest cgi files from jazzlightbeer (thanks to him) , If you have Problems with the cgi files, it’s also a good Thread

 The Title have it’s own frame and can be disabled, so basically you can set so many albums per page as you want (7×3 with 140px size)

10 cd’s 5 Row’s 90px cover size

5 cd’s 2 Rows’s 200px cover size

 Multi CD page, at the moment queue all songs from cd 1 for example don’t work, you can only queue all songs from all cds or open the cd detail page an hit play all :> 

Details page:

 The First Play Button ( <- )add the song as next song

 The second Play Button (-> ) add the song to the end of the playlist

 New  Detail page (1.2.2)

you have to turn on the Read Extra Tags in the Musicjukebox Tag tab ! to get all the info

Now Playing page


*Enter – Enter/add/select song’s

* Play – toggles play/pause

* Stop – stops player

* Next – plays next song in queue

* Prev – plays previous song in queue

* Delete – clears playlist

* Repeat – toggles repeat

* Setup – updates MPD database

* PgUp – page up

* PgDn – page down

* Home – navigate one level up

* Red – (main page) adds album to end of queue

* Green – (main/album/playlist control/search) Show playlist, (playlist) Shuffle playlist

* Yellow – Playlist control

* Blue – toggles random

* Left icon adds song to head of queue

* Right icon adds song to tail of queue

* Info – shows Now Playing page (toggles lyrics on Now Playing page)

back button go’s back to last page, (DON’T work on playlist page, use the home button!) the problem is if you add a song to the playlist its like loading a new page and you have to go back every song you add ( if you add 5 songs from a cd you have to press back 6 times till you are back on the index…the home button also bring you back to the index, but to index_main1.htm….)

I’m still learning so there are for sure some bugs 😛


* Copy the mpdmod-meow folder to your …/musicjukebox/skin  folder

* configure path to the MusicJukebox Menu Folder (where all the html’s from MJ are on the PCH) in config.xslt inside the mpd-meow folder ( example: http://localhost.drives:8883/HARD_DISK/Apps/Jukebox/mpd/Jukebox/ )

* configure path to the Music folder on the PCH  in config.xslt inside the mpd-meow folder ( example /opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK/Music/ )

* take a look in the meow-options.xls file

run Musicjukebox with delete all html files "on"

if you already use an old version of this skin, change to another skin in MJ and than change back, so the new Files get copy over to the Jukebox

copy all .cgi files from the !cgi files folder inside the skin folder to the music Jukebox Folder ( where all the html’s are)  on the NMT, make a backup from the original one, if you have one…

* make sure files are executable (chmod a+x *cgi) set mod 777 with a ftp client

make sure you change all this paths in all cgi files to the right one


  • # Path to expr and grep
  • # note: grep must support the -m option
  • PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin:.
  • # Path to music library
  • LIBRARY_PATH=/share/Music
  • # Path to lyrics folder – defaults to album folder when undefined
  • #LYRICS_PATH=/share/Apps/MusicJukebox
  • # Path to fanart folder
  • FANART_PATH=/share/Music/!fanart


Big Thanks To, excal, for all his work and hints, most code I use is stolen from one of his projects :blush:

Also Thanks to mhut, he did an awesome job on the Now Playing page !



Example images: 

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