Hi, because i like the 5150 skin very much, but also like the fanart background of robinsjexcals skin, i've combined both to one skin. So some others ask for it, i post it now. First i wanted to name the skin 5150_robinsjexcals, but than i mistyped it 3 times in my moviejukebox.properties so that i renamed it to ppp1 - that was easier... Wink

I did not changed much - only some backgrounds to a transparent black background. Cause i did it for my needs, i lowered the thumbnail size a bit, to display 12 thumbnails per page.

So the gratitude belongs mainly to tson for his great 5150 skin (link) and to excal for the fanart background feature (link).

This skin is based on YAMJ v.1.0.16 (r810 and above). Don't use it with the 1.0.15! With 1.0.15 Episode Numbers aren't set and there are some othe annoying errors. So use YAMJ v.1.0.16!

** rev. 0.2 (2009/03/21)
- renamed robinsjexcal-options.xsl to ppp-options.xsl
- moved xsl templates to ppp-options.xsl
- detail pages
    - changed JS
        - hidden Divs aren't needed any more
            skin uses arrays instead - this fastens the episode browsing a bit
        - Changed the behaviour of number buttons
            The numbers sets the focus to the episode, so that the infos are shown.
            They will not start the episode any more.
        - Use Ok or Play Button to start an episode.
    - Delete-Button can show/hide the poster
    - Play-Buttons does not start the first episode,
        it starts the active link now.
    - On TV show pages PageUp/PageDown buttons jumps to first/last episode
    - Poster size is now set to skin.properties value (posters.width)
    - poster can be hidden at the start (Detail Option #8 - showPosterAtStart - ppp-options.xsl)
    - vertical position can be adjusted (Detail Option #10 - posterTdValign - ppp-options.xsl)
- index pages
    - changed JS
        - hidden Divs aren't needed any more
    - Red button opens movies index
    - Green button opens TV Shows index

** rev. 0.1 (2009/03/18)
- fixed bug ( due to a damn xml editor all unicode chars were removed)
- changed the onloadset to "Play"

** rev. 0.0 intial release (2009/03/17)

Example images: 
ppp1_rev0.2.rar368.86 KB
ppp1-1050.zip409.41 KB

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Now compatible with YAMJ 1050 by BanditRider (not verified)
But where can I find the by Anonymous (not verified)
YAMJ 1050 by Admin
I found last 5 versions by Anonymous (not verified)
I tried to use r1071 version, by Anonymous (not verified)
For me my Dream-Skin by F089 (not verified)
Very nice skin. on my HDX&PCH by Anonymous (not verified)
Formatting is all wacky on by Anonymous (not verified)

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