This skin is a modification to PPP3. Some issues have been resolved to work better with new dev. builds. YAMJ r1110 and r1118 have been tested. Credit Goes to PPP for creating this skin. I just updated it with new graphics and fixed some bugs.



detail page general:
- Red shows the plot tab
- Green shows the info tab
- Blue hides/shows all
- INFO shows/hides the poster
- Left/Right scrolls through the tabs
- Enter on a tab changes the informations displayed in the box

Movie detail page:
- Yellow shows the trailer-tab
- Play plays the movie/playlist
- Down/Up scrolls the plot (if plot is visible)
- Page Down/Up scrolls the plot (if plot is visible)

TV detail page:
- Menu shows the episode plot/image
- Yellow shows the episode-tab
- Page Down/up - if plot tab is active it scrolls the plot, if episode plot is active it scrolls the episode plot and if the episode list is active it scrolls the episode list (only if there are more than 20 episodes).
- Down/Up scrolls the plot (if plot is visible and active)
- Play plays the selected episode

Index page:
- Red shows the movie page
- Green shows the TV page


Example images: 
SmokedGlassPPP3.rar622.18 KB

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update by dd314159 (not verified)
Needs updating Great skin by dd314159 (not verified)
update by dd314159 (not verified)
How can you get IMDB ratings by omaragha (not verified)
Info button (toggles main menu) not working. by thedazz2000 (not verified)
highlight & background by Anonymous (not verified)
Great skin, but if I select by Ander (not verified)
hi, great skin, but if I by Ander (not verified)
Where do you change your by Chuubaka (not verified)
fanart in smokedglassppp3 by terry (not verified)
re: fanart in smokedglassppp3 by PingEnvy (not verified)
no background picture by Marcel (not verified)
re: no background picture by PingEnvy (not verified)
Forgive me, but where exactly by Anonymous (not verified)
fanart by Anonymous (not verified)

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