Jukebox Automator

Jukebox Automator

This little application encapsulates some of the programs needed to create your jukeboxes and streamlines the execution by multitasking as much as, and as efficiently as, possible.


This application is written in C# (.Net), but if someone wants to port it…feel free 🙂


Automatic updates and create update patches with wyBuild


If you use this program, please consider supporting the development. There aren’t many costs, but I use a lot of my time and I just bought a C-200 for testing purposes (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :p)


What to download?

* Most user will want to download the setup and the installation instructions.
* Some people will want to download the binaries as it will give them more control of the installation.
* A very few people will want to download the source files to compile them themselves and check out the program to ensure it’s legit.