Aeon Mod by JLB

I made some updates to the skin Aeon (base amw28062011) which allow the new Yamj versions - tested with R3704 and compatible with Java 1.7.0_21, 1.7.0_13, 1.6.0_45 

For those who already had AEON installed : 
1 file attached unzip directly under the skin folder Aeon 
modification are : 
skin-options.xsl to add an option for detail-tv 
ppp-options.xsl change the value of tTitleTrunca from 22 to 20 which avoid wrong navigation with more than 20 episodes

After the install redo a yamj run with mjb.forceHTMLOverwrite=true in 

Example images: 
Aeon Complete Mod15.61 MB

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-06-21-1511

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