Omertron’s Media Player Site

Omertron’s Media Player Site

This is a mediainfo binary for YAMJ running on a Synology Atom based NAS.

Note: This is compiled on my DS1511+ and I have no idea if it will work on others, nor can I compile it for other systems.


PlexNMTHelper is a Java program that enables remote control of your Networked Media Tank (200 series or newer) as though it were a true Plex client.

It can be used with Plex Mobile (iOS, Android, Window Phone 8, or Window 8) and Plex/Web.

It discovers the Plex Server on your network and announces itself as a Plex client.  This allows you to fling media to your Networked Media Tank and control playback.

URL: PlexNMTHelper on GitHub

This is a streamlined skin that takes some of the best elements and place them where you need them.


Originally it was intended to be an Aeon Sabish Low List Mod into Flash but many things changed along the way.


Update 1/12/2014


– Added Banner wall for TV shows

– Added banner for TV sets

– few minor tweaks.

Support thread

Rutabaga MOD-HD by Hispanico

v.4.4 – r2413

Everyone prefer a specific Skin for our Yamj and personally i search to join the simplicity of Rutabaga Skin with the detail & look of AEon skin.

Support Thread

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