Omertron’s Media Player Site

Omertron’s Media Player Site

New Release:

JLRutaMJB_1.4.3 fix some misunderstanding xsl code with C200

JLRutaMJB_1.4.2 adjust the skin to implement with some new feature of MJB , add minor fix

JLRutaMJB_1.4.1 simplify the creation of thumb for photojukebox, use the features of MJB 8.2, corrections of several problems (MJB 8.2 is mandatory with this release)

forum discussion for this skin (link , package, installation instructions, …)

This little application encapsulates some of the programs needed to create your jukeboxes and streamlines the execution by multitasking as much as, and as efficiently as, possible.

This application is written in C# (.Net), but if someone wants to port it…feel free 🙂

Automatic updates and create update patches with wyBuild

URL: JukeboxAutomator

YAYMan (Yet Another Yamj Manager) is a GUI which allows you to edit the information for individual videos without having to delve into the XML manually.

YAYMan requires YAMJ r1731 or newer.



URL: Support Thread

So i start fixing  a few bugs in my old skin and ending up making a complete new one…

more info and pics here…

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