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For other non-standard resolutions such as mobile phones.


ÆON Movie Wall YAMJ is the perfect companion to the SpeedDial NMT skin, which can be found HERE

ÆON Movie Wall YAMJ takes elements from the XBMC skin, Aeon, to bring you one of the most efficient and intuitive NMT skins. I have taken elements from tson’s 5150 YAMJ skin to display certain informational elements in the most pleasing manner, from Robinsjexcal for filtering, Unique Black Glas for trailers, and ppp3 for TV Shows.

Support Thread

evZap could be modded to insert people poster in the detail movie page

I would thanks safran64 for his gratefull help. Special thanks to Legion455 for detail person screen and people fanart.


************ NEW with version R0160 or Eversion,

************ All the people menu, All the people lists and all the PHOTO’s wall are actives,

************ include already existing entries/menu (Actor, Person, Director, Writer)

************ click on the remote OK/SELECT/ENTER switch to the movies’ list for the selected people


 Here are some additional downloads for the Aeon skin

Please note that most, if not all, of these are no longer maintained

iSkin: The YAMJ skin for Internet Connected Devices (iOS, Android, etc)

iSkin brings YAMJ to your internet connected devices that have web-kit based browsers.  That includes the Apple iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch, Android phones and tablets, and well as computers or laptops that use Google Chrome or Apple Safari

iSkin thread at networkmediatank forums

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