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 Following some comments from some users, who liked the new ‘Blu’ skin betas, but preferred the original direction of Beta 1, I have taken a second branch from this point to create an alternative to ‘blu’. This skin, simply called ‘oversight’ uses the same basic movie and TV pages, but has different menu elements.


The ‘Oversight’ skin is now part of the Oversight skins pack.

NMT Oversight Skinning Thread

 I love Oversight. It is everything that I wanted my NMT to be, it manages my TV programmes for me and it’s completely independent of my Mac. The one thing that I felt that always let Oversight down was it’s UI. A few weeks ago I decided to delve into the uncertain waters of Oversight skinning. My goal was to try to create a skin which embodied the spirit of what Oversight was but make it look really nice and slick at the same time. With a bit of patience and a lot of help from Lordy, the developer behind Oversight; my first skin is finally ready.

NMT Oversight Skins Forum Thread

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