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Photo Jukebox | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Windows application that generates slideshows for all your photos stored on your NMT device, or accessible from your NMT device.

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Updated: 2011-11-07: Version 1.4.1. For changelog, see below.


  • It creates an HTML menu which shows all your folders which contains photos
  • When you select a folder, a preview thumbnail is shown for the first (or last) photo in that folder
  • For each folder, you can start a slideshow in regular order, or in random order
  • Each slideshow contains the photos from the selected folder, and it’s subfolders
  • You can use your own music to play in the background while viewing the slideshow
  • Or, you can use a playlist maintained by Music Jukebox for your background music
  • Each folder can have it’s own background music, or use the default background music.


  • Microsoft Windows based PC
  • Photo Jukebox installation files available here
  • NMT Apps installed on the NMT (necessary for the shuffle/random displaying. Regular play works fine without it)
  • Optionally, Music Jukebox for maintaining your playlists

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the zip file
  • Extract the zip file somewhere to your PC
  • Use an editor to edit the photojukebox.cfg file, making sure the path to your photo’s is specified correctly twice: once as seen from your PC, and once as seen as from your NMT device
  • Also specify the output folder twice: once as seen from your PC, and once as seen from your NMT device.
  • (the photojukebox.cfg file contains some helpful hints)
  • Browse through the photojukebox.cfg to change other settings to your liking, and save it.
  • Start the photo jukebox generator, by double clicking on generate_photojukebox.bat
  • On your NMT device, browse to the folder where the PhotoJukebox output files are stored, and start photos.html


Version 1.4.1

Bug fixes:

  • folders with quotes (‘) in the name resulted in no thumbnail previews to be shown
  • better handling of photo’s without exif orientation info

New features:

  • added logging

Version 1.4

New features:

  • added pagination, with page up, page down, and home icons
  • added folder thumbnail preview. Can be disabled, and thumbnail size is configurable.

Bug fixes:

  • new and recently added playlists were not shown when display_style was set to ‘single-level’.

 Version 1.3

New features:

  • New and Recent photos playlists added
  • added command line option to specify which config file to use
  • added 2 autostart html files in html subfolder: one to start playing all photos, and 1 to start playing all photos in shuffle mode upon loading of the file. No need to press a button to actually start the photo show.
  • Navigation by number (TVID) support added: enter the digits in front of the foldername, and add a ‘1’ to play the photos, or add a ‘2’ to play photos randomly, or add a ‘3’ to open the folder. 
    • Examples:
    • To play all photos in order, enter: 11.
    • To play all photos randomly, enter: 12.
  • now prints program banner (name and version) at program start


  • minor fixes for accented characters in filenames (using byte-order-mark in HTML) 

Version 1.2.1:


– program crash when no background music is configured.


Version 1.2

New features:

  • configurable time for photo display
  • added configurable configfile encoding for correctly handling accented characters
  • added a progress indicator, showing the number of photos and folders found so far
  • if a playlist file (*.jsp) is found in a folder, it will be used for playing background  music for that folder and all folders below it. If no playlist file is found, the default music playlist will be used.
  • create a file for new NMJ to not index the created output folder


  • now correctly handles accented characters in folder and filenames, like: é, á, ö

Version 1.1:

New features:

  • folder sort option: ascending or descending
  • new option to either have 1 large folder list (all-in-one), or a list which shows only 1 level of children (single-level)
  • each folder displays the number of subfolders


  • folders with ( or ) in their names
  • folder sorting in natural order: [ 1, 2, 11 ]. Previously, it sorted like this: [ 1, 11, 2]


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