PlexNMTHelper: Fling Plex media to your NMT | Omertron’s Media Player Site

PlexNMTHelper: Fling Plex media to your NMT | Omertron’s Media Player Site

PlexNMTHelper is a Java program that enables remote control of your Networked Media Tank (200 series or newer) as though it were a true Plex client.

It can be used with Plex Mobile (iOS, Android, Window Phone 8, or Window 8) and Plex/Web.

It discovers the Plex Server on your network and announces itself as a Plex client.  This allows you to fling media to your Networked Media Tank and control playback.


  1. A Plex Media Server installed and running
  2. A Networked Media Tank, series 200 or later
  3. A Java Runtime Environment, version 6 or later, installed on the device where you want to run PlexNMTHelper.  I run it on the same PC where Plex Media Server is running.


  1. Download to a directory of your choice, for example C:NMTTools
  2. Unzip it, creating a child directory C:NMTToolsPlexNMTHelper
  3. Copy the files and config.xml from C:NMTToolsPlexNMTHelpersamples to C:NMTToolsPlexNMTHelper
  4. Edit and 
    1. Set nmtAddress to the IP address of your NMT
    2. Set nmtName to the name you want to use for your NMT
  5. Edit config.xml according to the instructions provided at [18. Nov. 2013] Plex 1.0.9 available now. If you have a working config.xml file you have 2 choices:
    1. Simply copy it into the PlexNMTHelper folder, or 
    2. Change the value of replacementConfig in to be the absolute local path of your config.xml.  

    Note: If you don’t use a config.xml with the official Cloud Media Plex App, you can just use the config.xml file provided in the samples directory.

  6. Open a command-line window, switch to the installation directory (e.g. C:NMTToolsPlexNMTHelper) and run the following command

java -jar PlexNMTHelper.jar

If you get errors about a port being in use, change the value for port

I’ve developed and tested using a PCH-C200 and PCH-A210 with the Android Plex for PlexPass mobile app.

If you find PlexNMTHelper useful, please consider supporting continued development. image

Discussion and support in the PlexNMTHelper thread in the Networked Media Tank forums


PlexNMTHelper on GitHub