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Set Fanart!!! Include the following line in your moviejukebox.properties file and the skin should take care of the rest


One difference between the Set Index and a non-Set Index when fanart is turned on is that the thumbnails start at the bottom instead of the top of the page. I think it looks better that way with most fanart.

I’ve updated this skin to use the new preferences.xsl and to work with the current YAMJ 1.7, or maybe a revision or two past that.

The Index is from GFB107-SD with some changes, and the detail page is from PPP2 (crazy right!)

The background image size and font sizes are optimized for NTSC. If you have a PAL screen you might have to make a couple tweaks.

5/23/2009: I’ve updated the RAR with some tweaks to the index page. Pretty much a copy of the Default HD index file. It now displays links to all the "Other" indexes (Movies, Tv, top 250), as well as fixing what I considered a layout problem on the posters.

If you run revision 976 of YAMJ or later, episode images will display correctly.

This is my first attempt at making an SD version of the PPP2 skin available on this site

You can see the HD screen shots and description of the original HD version here:


I’ve uploaded some SD images of the skin now.


Support and Discussion URL

Example images: 

Attachment Size Hits Last download
ppp2-sd.rar Set Fanart 1/18/2010 YAMJ 1.7 348.45 KB 54 11 min 20 sec ago
ppp2-sd.rar Updated Index 5/23/2009 (No Set Fanart) 315.89 KB 58 sec ago
ppp2-sd.rar Original Index (No Set Fanart) 315.61 KB 1 week 1 day ago