PPP3.1 – skin updated, some new features | Omertron’s Media Player Site

PPP3.1 – skin updated, some new features | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Hi, inspired by mcmillyonaires marvellous revamp mokups i wanted to pimp the the movie detail page for ppp2 a bit. But than the changes were so huge and i liked the new look so much, that i redid the whole skin and called the new one (big surprise and very creative) ppp3. As before i did only minor changes to the index page (this will come at next).

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I added some new features:

  • Skin uses tabs to show more infos
  • Animation for show/hide poster
  • Full plot – now the plot isn’t cut off anymore. The skin takes the whole plot out of the xml file and displays it in parts. You can scoll the pages with "Page Down/Up" or "down/up" (if play or plot tab is focused)
  • Also full plot for tv show episodes (scroll down/up only works with button "Page Down/Up"
  • Episode navigation should be pretty fast, e.g. hit down on the last episode sets the focus to the first, hit left on a episode 1-5 sets the focus to 15-20, …
  • scroll up/down through the episode list pages (if more than 20 episodes) – scroll up on the first page jumps to the last page and scroll down on the last page jumps to the first page
  • As ppp2 this skin should be capable for 100+ episodes


detail page general:

– Red shows the plot tab

– Green shows the info tab

– Blue hides/shows all

– Menu shows/hides the poster

– Left/Right scrolls through the tabs

– Enter on a tab changes the informations displayed in the box

Movie detail page:

– Yellow shows the trailer-tab

– Play plays the movie/playlist

– Down/Up scrolls the plot (if plot is visible)

– Page Down/Up scrolls the plot (if plot is visible)

TV detail page:

– Info shows the episode plot/image

– Yellow shows the episode-tab

– Page Down/up – if plot tab is active it scrolls the plot, if episode plot is active it scrolls the episode plot and if the episode list is active it scrolls the episode list (only if there are more than 20 episodes).

– Down/Up scrolls the plot (if plot is visible and active)

– Play plays the selected episode

Index page:

– Red shows the movie page

– Green shows the TV page

Some known issues/bugs:

  • On very bright backgrounds the title, director, actor, … infos are not very eye friendly – there is nothing i can do against and i can live with that.
  • the poster zoom in/out animation is slow on TV detail pages with more than 10 episodes – there is an option to disable this feature (tvShow.useAnimation for TV pages and movie.useAnimation for movie pages).
  • long Actor names are under the icons – i prefer this behaviour than shorten the names
  • the plot gets shorten after e.g. 400 chars – some plugins (e.g. the german ofdb plugin) shortens the plot by itself. There is nothing i can do against. If you use the kinopoisk or filmdelta plugin, you are lucky, cause these plugins have the option "plot.maxlength".
  • the tabs are ugly – i know, i know, but my graphical skins are very low
  • the episode left/right scrolling (scroll through) does not work perfect on the last episode list page.

Some additional words:

  • As i said, the design is inspired by mcmillyonaires revamp skin, but my graphical skills a far far away from mcmillyonaires! Indeed the graphical part took nearly as long as the script part, and cost me many grey hairs…
  • I know the animation is completely senseless but its funny and i am proud that it works. I cost me many many time of testing till i discovered how animations works fast enough to talk about an animation and not about a dia show.
  • I recommend that you start the jukebox from scratch. ppp3 is not compatible to ppp2, so do not try to merge them.
  • i did a lot of testing, but i am pretty sure that there will be bugs – please post them in the ppp3 thread.
  • Please feel free to combine the detail page with any skin or addon you want. Just help others, if they ask you how.
  • Sorry for my grammar and any misspellings. My school and study time is long ago… please feel free to correct me and send me a pm.


Don’t use this skin, if you:

– hate nifty bugs, even they are small (always keep in mind that this skin is beta)

– your YAMJ Version is less than r919 and you don’t want to upgrade it

– don’t like to update your skin some times

The new movie detail page:

The new episode list:

The episode plot/image view:

The info tab:

The poster view (without animation):


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