Pre Selection MJB-Skin 1.3 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Pre Selection MJB-Skin 1.3 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

For those who don’t need the option of "browsing while playing" but want put some albums or songs from the MusicJukebox quickly to a playlist and play them on the NMT I mixed parts of the PHP Playlist Creator and the Meowmoo-Skin into a new Skin for the MJB.



  1. Extract the zip File to the Skin folder in the MJData directory.
  2. Check the path to your MusicJukebox folder on the NMT in and config.xslt
  3. Choose the skin in MJB-GUI and generate HTML (leave "delete all first’ unchecked)
  4. Create a playlist in the MJB-Playlist-GUI, use the name specified in (MusicJukebox.jsp
  5. Generate the playlist HTML
  6. Set -chmod 777 for the new playlist on NMT (MusicJukebox.jsp

If something doesn’t work properly generate HTML with the default skin first or check for these files in the MusicJukebox folder on NMT: list.php, list.class.php,, 2x global_xxx.php, template.html


  • clearPlaylist on main page, [Delete] on Remote Control
  • Add (+) songs or album on detail page, [Angle] on RC for ‘add all’
  • Play it like any other playlist on the playlist page

Many thanx to the great NMT community, especially to the owners of MusicJukebox, Meow-Skin and PHP Playlist Creator.

Ps: Please don’t expect further modifications (newborn child in da house 😉

Example images: 

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