Revamp 1.1b | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Revamp 1.1b | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Please see the support thread for more information. And post if you had problems there.

Update 1.1b version. Added new features (check the readme) and fixed some problems playing dvd, isos, bin… files (try the "play" button if "enter" button return you to details page. To rebuild just delete all your html files of jukebox folder and run YAMJ.

Update 1.1a version. If you had the 1.1 version and you haven’t any problem you don’t need to update. Update only if you had problems when running the tool..

Released 1.1 version. At this point the Tool should be very stable, and clean.

The FAQ should be helpful for Revamp newbies.

If you have a working previous version, just delete all your Jukebox HTML files. Then rerun the YAMJ and after the Tool. If you have a wrong episode titles just delete the showname_EXX_title.png files before rerun the tool to regenerate the wrong files.

If you are new just follow the readme instructions, and also check the FAQ.


I’ll probably focus on coding revamp 2.0 since now, so the development of Revamp 1 new features will be slower than it has been since now. But if a bug or errors appears I’ll fix as fast as I can.


Update 5:version "e2". Just fix the rgb (0,0,0) error making set title images.

Update 5:version "e". Many things added, check the readme.

If you have a working jukebox just delete all your html files from your jukebox folder to update, then rerun YAMJ. And after rerun the RevampTool.

If you are new just follow the setup instructions.

Update 4:Version "d". The tool should work on previus vista copy problems systems. Added support for user categories, just copy your categories.xml to the RevampTool folder. Fixed some bug causes geometry error with long tvshows names.

Update 3:Version "c". Added revamp-options.xls to user setup preferences (now it’s a shorty list hehehe). The gfx should parse the problems with some filename names.

Update 2: Version "b". Fix some problems with playing some tvshows issues(not completed seasons). If you used the previus version succesfully you only need to copy the new TvShowsJsCode.js over your jukebox folder, or you can rerun YAMJ and it will copy for you.

Update 1: Version "a". If you used succesfully the previus version, you should delete your _small.png files, before your rerun YAMJ.


Support Thread

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