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RobinsjExcal Skin

This is the excellent RobinsjExcal skin for YAMJ. It is the first skin to use Fanart as backgrounds for the videos



  1. 14 posters on screen at once.
  2. Navigation bar displays either letter sorting or genre sorting.
  3. Text wraps around both forward and backwards
  4. When the page loads, the navigation bar sets itself to what ever the current index page is.
  5. TVID’s are dynamicly created to quickly goto any index page.
  6. Navigation can be done without moving the focus off the center selection.
  7. Index page numbers are shown dynamicly when focus is on either Up/Down

Details Page

  1. It dynamicly uses fanart files as backgrounds for the details page.  Each movie will have its own background displayed.
  2. It has a column along the left hand side of the details page that displays the previous, current, and next movie covers.  This can now be toggled hidden or visible.
  3. TV-shows display in a column along the right hand side of the details page.
  4. When focus is on a Episode in the right hand column a box will pop-up in the middle of the details page containing the episode title and plot (currently episode plots are not supported by YAMJ, but the coding is there as a place-holder).
  5. Fanart is automaticly downloaded by YAMJ. 
  6. Allows for use of your own downloaded fanart files.
  7. Trailer support has been added.
  8. Longer/Enlarged plots are now displayable as pop-ups

 See the robinsjexcal 2.2 page for further details/instructions.


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RobinsjExcal v2.8 HD Version 3.02 MB
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