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Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb | Omertron’s Media Player Site

WARNING: if you want to use watched feature – set all file watched.js watched-img.js and watched.cgi mod to 755 – otherwise this functionnality could not work properly

Rutabaga_Mod_jlb-v1.3.6 has tested with R3708 and later

Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-1.3.3 need  R3486 (MANDATORY) or newer

update 07.02.2013: Rutabaga_Mod_jlb-v1.3.6

update 06.23.2013: Rutabaga_Mod_jlb-v1.3.5

update 01.18.2013: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.3.4

update 12.28.2012: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.3.3

update 02.19.2012: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.3.1

update 01.08.2012: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.3.0

update 01.02.2012: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.2.9

update 01.02.2012: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.2.8

update 30.12.2011: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.2.7

update 12.03.2011: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.2.6

update 11.26.2011: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.2.5

update 10.31.2011: Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb-v1.2.4

special feature with v1.3.6

split Rutabaga-options.xsl in 2 files :

– Rutabaga-options.xsl for all skin options

– Rutabaga-translation for all language translation (allow user to set his own translations word without modifying the skin parameter.

add parental control and allow user to set parental words with 4 parameters in skin-options.xsl

<!– Index Option #12: allow user to set his own certification value: false = default , true = custom  by user –>

<xsl:variable name="user-certification">false</xsl:variable>

<!– Index Option #13: if user-certification is true, set the youngest certification word to use;  will be apply from age 0 to Age in childs-age-youngest–>

<xsl:variable name="youngest-certification">youngest</xsl:variable>

<!– Index Option #14: if user-certification is true, set the middle certification word to use;  will be apply from age in childs-age-youngest to Age  in childs-age-middle–>

<xsl:variable name="middle-certification">middle</xsl:variable>

<!– Index Option #15: if user-certification is true, set the oldest certification word to use;  will be apply from age in childs-age-middle to Age in childs-age-oldest–>

<xsl:variable name="oldest-certification">oldest</xsl:variable>

<!– Index Option #16: if user-certification is true, set the parent certification word to use;  will be apply from age in childs-age-oldest to all Age –>

<xsl:variable name="parent-certification">parent</xsl:variable>


special enhance with v1.3.3 and 1.3.4:

adding certification icon display with skin_Detail=2

certification icon could be adjusted according to your country by overwriting the icon under Jukebox/pictures/detail/movie/certification/  with those

found in the country folder under pictures/detail/movie/certification/COUNTRY_FOLDER

adding auto mode with

<xsl:variable name="T_space_BeetweenPoster">auto</xsl:variable>

<xsl:variable name="T_space_BeetweenBanner">auto</xsl:variable>

will automatically calculate the better space beetween poster or banner to display the largest poster that can support the screen, according with the number of poster per page and per line. 

the code of  index page has been completly reviewed to clean and adjust all the page of the skin with to the parameters in rutabaga-options, a lot of them weren’t up today and part of the screen scrolled out of the TV.

warning with the watched feature:

this release as been modified to accept pchtrakt support , but the pchtrakt part is still in developpment , so to automatically flag the movie as watched it’s already needed to hit the watched flag on the detail screen or press 99 on the remote. The update of the index page need pchtrakt program to be achieve (this is not the case already).

3 enhances :

– add 2 parameters – T_space_BeetweenPoster and T_space_BeetweenBanner

which allow to adjust the space beetween each thumb or banner. Everyone could play with, according with the skinIndex choosen and the number of poster displayed on the index page (line and rows), for banner and for poster independently

the main consequence of theses 2 parameters is :

– it’s no longer needed to adjust the size of the thumb in depending of the number of poster per line and rows in the page,

– according with legion455 works (thanks to him) the thumbnails are generated, within the yamj run, with the best outside look, much more cleaner, better definition, contrast, light and color enhanced. (i was stonish by this difference),

– posters and banners are automatically resized and theses values will allow to take the maximum of place in the screen

– the new code calculate, according with the space beetween poster, the largest size possible for the poster itself, for width (number of poster per line) and height (number of rows) and try to preserve the proportion setted by

the 3rd modifications is within

– now only one thumb width and thumb heigh is needed, these values (as i told just before) are now setted to take care of the initial proportion of thumb downloaded from the net 600 x 800 (0,75)

– i had calculate and tested the T_space_BeetweenPoster value which are the best one depending of skinIndex/column/row and added as comments inside the file (of course this value need to be setted in rutabaga-options)

– i modified the overlays icons to fit with the new thumb dimension

to RUN with the maximum of efficency thumbnailoverwrite, banneroverwrite, posteroverwrite, htmloverwrite should be setted as true.

 the documentation and the readme.html have been cleaned and add all the mods from almost 10 release.


– add: user certification mod

– add: split rutabaga-options in 2 file with rutabaga-translation and rutabaga-options

– modify:  add all certification value

– modify:  parental control for detail page , works with thumb next/previous

– fixed: last/first when next/previous are unknown


– add : parental control

– modify: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN button to default one which could fit with all user

– fixed : suppress in mjb.includeExtraArtwork=true which is depreciated


– fixed: dirHash default – line to uncomment in if Yamj version is before R3484

– fixed: special Artwork default – disable by default

– fixed: default Fanart format

– add: certification icon with skin_detail=2

(adjust the certification icon according to your country by overwriting the icon under Jukebox/pictures/detail/movie/certification/  with the one

found in the country folder under pictures/detail/movie/certification/COUNTRY_FOLDER)



– fixed: correction for some typo like center instead of center

– add: support mjb.dirHash feature

– add: PCHtrakt enhance to dynamicaly update detail and index page with watched value

– modify: watched architecture and default storage value for watched extension , to allow PCHtrakt feature

– modify: watched / unwatched logo  

– fixed: seasonthumb to big in tv detail page

– fixed: frame greater than the space in the windows

– add: auto mode with rutabaga-options to automate the space beetween poster depending of the nbre

– fixed: several poster/thumb at the wrong place

– fixed: watched feature according with pchtrakt and jukebox location

– add character to people name in movie detail , if available

– modify: character in people screen if available , instead display job

– modify: position on the 1rst movie in index screen

– modify: adjust hour with timezone if negative

– modify: adjust plot display with skinTv=2

– modify: color settings – color text black, color focus green

– modify: to display country logo with studio logo

– modify: to suppress videocodec 0X000000


– take in charge the new enhance of yamj for People evolutions

– rewrite detail page for Cast/person

– add: color border frame for Actor/Director/Writer (green/red/yellow)

– add: take the focus color in people detail page

– fixed: width of properties icon on the left frame

– fixed: uncomment mjb.clean.skip


– add: 2 parameter T_space_BeetweenPoster and T_space_BeetweenBanner

– fixed:  size height/width of index page

– fixed watched in detail page (change watched-img.js)

– modify: heigh/width thumbnails in

– modify: adjust overlay icon with thumbnails size

– modify: readme.html to take care of all the modification from V1

– fixed: detail TV page unable to display banner is eposid number = 1

– fixed: detail TV page display episod out of the screen is greater than 1 and less than 15

– add: add UNKNOWN.jpg to people folder for UNKNOWN people


– fixed: navigation within index


– fixed: move right/left in detail page when selecting the last right poster

– add: navigation on the left and right poster to jump to next one on the following/previous line

– modify: ajust space beetween poster in inex page according with the space available

– fixed: reposition the bottom status bar upper in the screen

– add: dynamic genre and categorie label

– modify: truncate genre and category length with IndexSkin =1

– fixed: force poster width in categories page

– modify: suppress season display when tv show is a set


– fixed: total space depending of the total movie count in index file

– fixed: remove from, no longer used

– fixed: pagedown/up with skinIndex=2

(suggestion) change when skinIndex=2 in

change :

thumbnails.height        =195  ==> 180

thumbnails.reflectionHeight    =10.0 ==> 5.0

– add: SkinDetail =3 – this skin detail use a short window in the bottom of the screen , press info allow to display people poster

– fixed: skinTV = 2 to large for the screen

– fixed: people poster when not indexed

– modify: dynamic people name – cast/director – on the same field to reduce the topbanner place

– fixed: some audio/video modification according with Yamj evolutions

– modify: overlay according with yamj evolutions


– add: more studio company icon

– add: more videocodec icon

– modify: videocodec folder inside pictures

– fixed: audiochannels when x/x, just the 1rst value

– add: T_SkinDetail_1_Disp_Prop_Icon parameter if T_skinDetail=1 to display text (source, audio, video) in place of icon


– add: thumb for award if mjb.people=true

– add: Category menu in index page with parameter in rutabaga-option

– modify: add person in index page (rather than cast,director,writer) with parameter in rutabaga-option

– add: Total number of movie/TV inside index page – need R2789 or later

– add: parameter T_Display_DateTime – true/false to diplay date / time or not

– fixed: T_Clock issue which display only background if set to false

– add: some audiocodec icon

– add: audiochannels icon

– add: language audio name if exists

– add: some studio company


– modify: watched value display image rather than text

– add: T_Watched in language section of rutabaga-options

– add: watched-img.js in watched folder

– fixed: size of banner in Other_TV Shows_xx.htm

– modify: nbre of tvthumb in

– modify: align actor/director poster even if the number of actor is less than $actor.max

– modify: use the opposite than thumbnail to display banner (column = line and line = column, use PerLine value as number of line)

– modify: display truncate person name with actor and director poster

– fixed: mjb.home = blank

– add: T_AffdynamicName – true or false

– modify: force T_AffdynamicName at false if skin_Detail = 1

– fixed: adjust position of dynamic director when T_NoposterIfFanart = false

– add: statusbar with skin=1

– fixed: position statusbar

– modify: TVID-Home, TVID-Exit set in rutabaga-option

– modify: don’t show banner if more than 12 episode

– modify: show poster and list movie in detail page

– add: some more translation

– modify: construction of TVID=HOME when mjb.home and mjb.indexfile = ”

– add: certification and library in categories page

– fixed: extra show with skin=1

– fixed: display CC (subtitles) when no sub only if showsubtitles=true

– fixed: display h264 icon if h.264

– fixed: add watchedSelect.png within pictures folder

– custom: better 3D icon to display

– optimise: date-time, tvid keys

– fixed: if home is not set , home = index

– add: T_IndexAffbanner=true display banner rather than thumb inside TV shows

– fixed: align letterbar, categoriebar

– add: Cast, writer, Director on index page

– optimise: category display

– add: poster to category page for cast, director, writer

– add: T_Category_people_by_page parameter (small/large)  to skin-options set respectivily 24/52 posters by page

– add: people poster to detail page

– add: page number in detail category page

– fixed: adjust statusbar level

– fixed: skin=1 align display videoaudio thumb

– add: tvid = blue to select categories.html

– modify: categories.html to add an icon for people

– add: detail.html watched selector – activ and TVID=99

– add: Icon with M (like muti-cast) or person to select movies with the actor selected

– custom: detail page with activ person when people is true

– add: icon to show person bio within categories.html

– add: TVID – blue to select Categories.html

– custom: categories.html for cast/person, director

– custom: show count (count) for each categories in categories.html

– fixed: if hour is 24: display 00:

– add banner for TV set

– add banner for TV series

– adjust infobar

mod of Rutabaga skin named Rutabaga_Mod_Jlb v0

initial contents

– all rutabaga skin V142

– add:      fanart for set

– fixed: missed default_overlay_thumbnail.png and default_overlay_poster.png

– fixed: updated files for "homepage" issues to work with YAMJ r2398 or newer

– add:    3d.png

– fixed: time clock and date for 200 series

– custom: overlay for HD, 3D, set

– custom: add frame with thumb

– implement people feature

– add hispanico mod

unzip under skin

only with last version : download My_overlay.xml.txt and copy My_overlay.xml under Yamj folder on the PC (without txt extension , only xml extension)

new functionnality added with category :

each page could jump to the category page – press blue

each category item is activ – select and show the content of the category

translate the categories’ name inside Rutabaga-options.xsl

special categories : Cast, Director, Writer

for theses 3 categories the list of name is activ – select or enter while on the name => select the list of movies where the person is included

if people is set to true thumb of people are displayed, select the thumb show the biography of people, select the name show the movies where the people appears in the jukebox

the number on the left of the name is activ, select the number (ie: 18) show the biography

new parameter in skin-options.xsl

T_Category_item_by_page : is used when mjb.people=false and allow to fix the number of item to be shown in each page

T_Category_item_by_column: is used within all the detail category page except cast, director and writer and adjust the number of item by column

T_Category_people_by_page: is used only with cast director and writer and when mjb.people=true – 2 values small/large , specify if poster should be displayed as small tumb or large poster if small 52 posters are displayed by page , if large 24 posters are dislayed on each page

new functionnality added with detail screen :

if people=true cast and director list become activ and people poster are displayed and could be selected to display the biographie  if the name is underlined , clic on the name select the list of movies where the name appears

if people=false display the name if the name is underlined , clic on the name select the list of movies where the name appears

statusbar could adjust with the parameter Detail_Offset in rutabaga-options.xsl (lower or higher)

new parameter added with options:

Display Category entry in Index page (true,false)      –   added with v1.2.5 – T_Add_Category_ToIndex default(true)

Display Person entry in Index page (true,false)   –    added with v1.2.5 – T_Add_Person_ToIndex default (true)

Display date/time (true,false)    –    added with v1.2.5 – T_Display_DateTime default(true)

if T_skinDetail = 1 display properties with icon or with text , true = with icon , false = with text    –    added with V1.2.6 – T_SkinDetail_1_Disp_Prop_Icon  (default : false)

if skinDetail = 3  plot is on the bottom, it’s recommend to set T_AffStatusbar=’true’, press info to display people poster – added with v1.2.7

add T_space_BeetweenPoster and T_space_BeetweenBanner with v1.3.0

add  Border color for Photo galery in detail page – with V1.3.1 – T_Cast_Bordercolor : green, T_Director_Bordercolor: red, T_Writer_Bordercolor: yellow


download V1.3.5

Example images: 

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