RutabagaJexcal 0.5 – Plots, Trailers, Fanart, HQ DVDCases – ALSO IN SD [29.04.09] | Omertron’s Media Player Site

RutabagaJexcal 0.5 – Plots, Trailers, Fanart, HQ DVDCases – ALSO IN SD [29.04.09] | Omertron’s Media Player Site

The title just explain it, i made a skin mix of the two in my opinion best skins existing.

Basically it depends on the Index of robinjexcal-Skin (Thanx for that great work mate) and the Details from Rutabaga (Thanx for permission to mod and release it here). Die TVIDs in the sections are the ones from the original two skins.

CHANGELOG rev 0.5:

– Imdb-Rating (X.X/10)  added

– Imdb Top 250 Listing added

– new look of Audio-Properties (see first 4 pics)

– like everytime, a new icon here and there

Put downloaded package into the skins directory of your YAMJ…

If you’d like to have DVDCases, go to and download the great GUI, because of the gui I took the batch-Boxme out of the download package.

For english speaking users:

– Just open RutabagaJexcals-options.xsl and index.xsl and replace german contents with english ones…

– open and replace language de with en

More Instructions in Supportthread…


CHANGELOG rev 0.4e:

– changings in xsls, taking out some little faults

– taking advantages of Rutabaga 1.11 (17.08.09) – background for CodecInfos

– Changes in Trailer optics

– Changing IMDb-Rating

– taking out DVDCases of the skin package because of the great GUI of Ithiel (Thanks to Ithiel, meowmoo, Warrick, mcmilly)

CHANGELOG rev 0.4c:

– new created DVDCases for different MovieSources (BluRay, HDDVD, DVD, UNKNOWN, aTV, dTV, HDTV) -> HQ Cover by McMilly Master of PS  (Thanks Man) and little of mine

The TV case is optional and used for aTV, dTV und UNKNOWN so that alle covers have the stripe look on top

– working Batch conversion of Covers fitting this skin exactly

– xml-Fix

-fixed fualt in index.xsl

– SD version released – more in the Supportthread (duallanguage)

CHANGELOG rev 0.4:

– ALL Icons renewed, lot new Icons (MPEG-Audio/-Video, AVI, VOB, HDDVD, DVD, QDM2/QDMC, AAC)

– Trailernaming beside Trailericon (quiet black)

– DVDCases with possibility to put Logos for 720p, 1080p and TV-Series on the DVDCases in the index area (more in the Readme in folder "BoxSet" in the skin folder)

CHANGELOG rev 0.3:

– YAMJ 0.1.15 / YAMJ-Editor 0.3.3 not supported anymore

– new Iconscheme for Video-infos (PAL/NTSC – 1080p/720p/SDTV – FPS Hz

– new Icons für Telecine (Thanks PPP for Idea), aTV (analog), dTV (digital), Windows Media, Quicktime and Dolby TrueHD

– new Trailer-Icons

– other pics reworked

CHANGELOG rev 0.2:

– included episode plots, by going on episode and clicking  INFO-button (feature on / off in Rutabaga-options)

– new background (Thanks to US-Forum), old theater background still included

CHANGELOG rev 0.1:

– Creating one options.xsl of the two existing ones

– New style colors, Pictures etc…

– New Icons for MediaInfos

– Expanding details.xsl, for more media formats with  logos

– new Background



Supportthread German NMT Forum

Example images: 

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