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Smooth v01 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

With this index file, I wanted to keep it simple in functionality and clean in aethetics. For many of the menu buttons, I used transparant images, allowing the background image to slightly show through. If you want, you can copy over the ‘background.jpg’ image in the ‘index images’ folder to give it your own look. I suggest using a 1280×720 image. It will square up best on HDTV’s.

What is an index file? Why should I use it?

index.htm file is a user created menu for the NMT devices. It allows you to custom create a menu system to act as a sudeo User Interface. With normal "skins" your restricted to the link placement and number of links on the screen. With an index.htm file you can literally position things where ever you want on screen, and have as many links as you’d like. It also allows you to create quick shortcuts (links/icons) to various things such as jukeboxes, internet radio stations, weather, youtube, etc.

What links are in the index file :

– Music (Music Jukebox)

– Videos (Video Jukebox)

– Photos (default Popcorn Hour function)


– Casgle (video podcasts app built into PCH)

– Weather (app built into PCH)

– YouTube (app built into PCH)


– Internet radio stations for multiple genres


– Music (default PCH folder structure)

– Videos (default PCH folder structure)

– Settings (default PCH settings page)

– Exit (takes you out to the default PCH four icon screen)

What is included in this download?How do I install it?

It is a zip file that includes the "index.htm" file and the associated "index images" folder. To install it, simply put the "index.htm" file and "index images" folder at the root of the Popcorn Hour internal hard drive. Hit the Source button on the remote, and choose Hard Drive to launch the index file. It should automatically launch to it from then on.


– This was designed for an 720p HDTV. SD is not supported.

– Designed folder structure:

Link to Music Jukebox = Jukeboxes/Music Jukebox.htm

Link to YAMJ Jukebox = Jukeboxes/Video Jukebox.htm

(If you have an internal hard drive, and set your folders and Jukebox htm files up like I have them above, you will not need to edit the index.htm file. Otherwise, you will need to edit the htm file in Notepad and change the links to reflect your folder/file structure)


Video Preview

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