SRT (Beta) by Mr M. | Omertron’s Media Player Site

SRT (Beta) by Mr M. | Omertron’s Media Player Site


SRT (Beta) by Mr M.

Hello here is a modified Skin which based on the default YAMJ Skin.

The following things changes:

Index pages:

  • Up / Down Arrow in Index is replaced, now with a hover image and enable or disable image
  • Title text is shown on a bar and the text is at the same position if a Index has less than 6 Covers
  • A home Button is insert on Index pages which brings you to the root index file of your hard disk (You can change it by edit the index.xml)

Detail pages:

  • Fanart support, if no fanart is found the default background is used
  • A small border around the details and a new overlay Image
  • A Overlay for the Poster on the left

Please make a Backup of your Jukebox and let YAMJ build the jukebox complete new.

Try it and test it. Wink


Support Thread

Example images: 

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