JLRutaMJB skin V1.4.2 to see what is new and modified look at the release notes.txt New Skin developped for HD TV. MUSIC JUKEBOX SKIN I mainly change the skin to have more songs in the detail, list page, add icons and change the genre list. Possibility to have different backgrounds for each pages Index, Detail (artiste/year) and Playlists pages. Use thumb for Photo and allow using pwrc . To install : (install MJB 8.2 - mandatory first) 1- Unzip in MJData\skins directory which is created during MJB installation - look start > all programs > Music Jukebox > MJData Folder 2- execute MJB 8.2 - Select JLRutaMJB_V1.4.2 Skin in Music Jukebox (mandatory) - to help you could load a sample of musicjukebox.xml which are already customise with some parameters i'm using for my own look section 7 to help MJB Parameters i am using for my HD TV : Index: 8 albums 4 lines, Image size=122 Detail : 32 songs Per page, Image size=270 3- customize JLRutaMJB-options.xsl Edit JLRutaMJB-options.xsl with Bloc-Notes and modify or adjust ******************************************************************************* the only parameters absolutly needed to be customised is IP adress of your PCH ******************************************************************************* with IP_PCH variable options - T_Background_Detail_PhotoThumb,T_Background_Index, T_Background_Detail, T_Background_List, T_Background_Playlist, choose what background you would like for each page - T_Afftypicon, display in music mode the icon of the music type (mp3, wmv, wav, ...) - default T_Afftypicon = 1 - Display_LeftPanel, display left panel, used in detail and list page, (default is Display_LeftPanel = 1) - IconPageDisplay, display page number (default is IconPageDisplay = 1) - IconMenuDisplay, display icon bar for navigation, button up, down, home, search, (default is IconMenuDisplay = 1) - dolphfactor, if dolph effect is selected in MJB , adjust the width of this effect - let 0,8 for default if you don't know how it goes (default is 0,8) - heightfactor, to adjust height in proportion with width, height=width*heightfactor, the heightfactor is set to 0,795 - Play_OnPC, to run the skin on your PC , enter the IP adress of your PCH and select display_OnPC =1 otherwise set Display_OnPC=0 (default is Display_OnPC =1) - IP_PCH, set the IP adress with IP of your PCH ex: - PlayFromMute, the Play From photo function could play with or without Mute with Photo (1 = MUTE, 0 = with song) - AddStandAlonePlaylist, add a 3rd button to play music without slideshow (default = 1 add) - player, select or not MPD feature , MPD if MPD is selected , PCH if MPD is not selected - Index_Artist_Style, Select the style for artist page index, 1=line style for Music and Photo,2=thumb style for Music and Photo, 3=line style for Music and thumb style for Photo, 4=thumb style for Music and line style for Photo - artistrows, if style = 2,3,4 define number of line for artist page index - artistcols, if style = 2,3,4 define number of columns for artist page index - ShowPhoto_Thumb, display photo thumb, otherwise line caracter will be shown (default is ShowPhoto_Thumb = 1) - NbrPhoto_Thumb, adjust the number of thumb you want on the same line, this will resize the thumb (default is 15) - ScreenWidth, the screen width used by MJB on the PCH could be set according with the TV definition setted (default is 1000 for 1280) - FixTitleDisplay, inside index page enable or disable to display fix or dynamic the title, 1 is display fix title,0 is for dynamic, (default is dynamic = 0) - TitleDisplayOnTop, when dynamic title is selected, you could choose if you want to display defore the album thumb or after, 1 is before , 0 is after (default is 1=before) - TVID-StandAlonePlaylist, specify the TVID to play the standaloneplaylist (default is the number 95) - Display_TVID, enable or disable to display the TVID number assign to the feature when info is displayed for each button, is selected = 1 it display within () and at the end (default = 0 don't display) - TVID-Genres,TVID-Artists,TVID-Decade,TVID-Playlist, adjust TVID key for genre, artists, decade, playlist icone (default is genre= 96, artists=97, decade=98, playlists=99) - T_Timezone, adjust timezone for clock setting (default is french timezone +1 in winter) - T_Clock, display clock on index page (default is display = 1) - T_DateFormat, adjust date format , change the order if you need ( default is french format, day date month year) - select English text or french text - change the language for clock value (default is French) - enter the value to display with play button (default = Play) - enter the value to display with OK or enter button (default = OK) - when Pwrc feature is selected on MJB, sepcify the text to be displayed when button are selected - adjust what text is to be added (suffix) to various button depending of the feature selected (from, pwrc, standalone) 4- You could change background and colors: (optionnal) - in skins/JLRutaJMB/pictures select what backgrounds images you would like for each Index, Detail (artiste/year) and Playlists, rename tbackgroundXXXX - Adjust precisely Colors, positions via the JLRutaMJBskin.css file if you change something within the skin (on the PC) to allow this change to work, select on MJB on the general tag : reload skin - before generation load skin config 5- customise photo thumb in default.install (optionnal) you are able to customise the way the photo thumb are created, open default.install with bloc-notes and modify CreateThumbFolder.cmd This command is construct to be apply from MJB interface directly - path folder of the photo file is always the 1rst argument, within quotes {inputfolder} {outputfolder} are mandatory, this is used to tell MJB to return Photo Folder path and Menu path verbose, forcecreate; quality; wxxx; qxxxx are optionnal argument without quotes - verbose: allow to write info from the cmd command in debug.txt - forcecreate : allow to force the .png file anytime even if already exists - wxxx : specify the width value of the new thumbnail - ex w122 is 122 pixels - qxxx: quality of the thumbnail generated, could be adjust beetween 1 (lowest) to 100 (higher) DEFAULT setting Create a thumbnail for ANY IMAGE FILE THAT NOT ALREADY exists WITH "_small.png" inside Menu\Thumb Folder verbose width : 122 Quality : 50 6 - CreateThumbAll.bat is standalone program which allow to create thumb without MJB running this .bat is generaly used the first time you install PhotoJukebox to create all the thumb in one pass before running MusicJukebox It's quicker to create thumb with this .bat rather than using the automatic creation inside MJB the thumb created are the same than the one created inside MJB and are stored in the menu of MJB on the NMT under a folder Thumb on my config, generate 8500 photo thumb take 2h30 there is GUI inside the .bat that allow to modify the variable stored in the program : - PhotoFolder - where th photo are stored - PhotoMenuFolder - where the menu of mjb is stored - QUALITY could be set from 1 to 100 - 100 = 100% quality - FORCECREATE is set to 1 or 2 , 1 for new photo only , 2 all photos even if thumb already exist - THUMBWIDTH is set to 122 pixels by default - TYPE is set to PNG by default , it's the type of the thumb generated 7 - you could find some example of MJB config file with config sample - download config sample.zip unzip under MJData Folder - MusicJukebox.xml - PhotoJukebox.xml this 2 samples can called with MJB via the load configuration parameter - upper left icone - load parameter take care of the driver mapped inside - in the sample it's T: change with yours - driver letter which map the PCH for more explanation of all the paramters and all the file in the sample look at the documentation of MJB start > all programs > Music Jukebox > Music Jukebox.doc or MusicJukebox.pdf 8 - the skin is compatible with MPD, and allow you to use either MPD nor MONO, if you want to use MPD - you need to install MPD first with alanh extension - this installation is mandatory before turning on the MPD option - try the MPD server with a PC or another client (Minion by example) before you try MPD feature with the skin - modify in JLRutaMJB-options.xls the variable "player" with MPD value rather than PCH value - run MJB with delete All HTML first warning - to use MPD you need to play one song with MONO first - this is a bug with PCH supported feature : PWRC : the skin integrate the pwrc feature , this program allow to control the way to play music on the PCH with the PC . When the PWRC is selected inside MJB , then some new command are added which allow to control the music played onto the PCH, while the skin is called with a browser on the PC. The way these commands are implemented is the following : inside detail page of each album, on the left part of the page , the following command are added from left to right - play all the album - shuffle all the album - previous song - play - next song - stop - pause - increase sound - decrease sound on the main detail page each song could be played with the play button in front of the song MPD feature : The skin integrate some command which allow to play MPD listener rather than MONO listener , this feature is used to allow to play song and navigate , show photo, browse folder while playing, it's a multi-threading feature. The MONO listener doesn't give this ability, because it's mono thread. This feature is allow by the skin only when the page are displayed on the PCH, because there is other client on the PC which give more command , like minion , this is not necessary to open this feature from the PC while playing the skin. How is implemented MPD inside the skin: when displaying detail page of photo album, some commands are added on bottom of the page , theses commands allows from left to right: - select and play a playlist already stored with MPD - shuffle the playlist selected - move to previous song - toggle the current song (stop if playing, play if stopped) - move to next song - pause the curent song - clear the playlist when displaying a page of a song album, the commands are displayed on the left part of the detail page , from left to right - select and play a playlist already stored with MPD - clear the playlist - shuffle the playlist selected - move to previous song - toggle the current song (stop if playing, play if stopped) - move to next song - pause the curent song - add all songs from selected album inside the MPD playlist and play =====================================================================================================================