V1.4.3 - need MJB 8.2 - bug fix with C200 while displaying photo with OK or enter touch - bug fix with popout unselected - bug fix with play from with C200 V1.4.2 - need MJB 8.2 - bug correction with ./thumb/ - implement separategenre - switch, when in genrelist, the left choice to decade V1.4.1 - need MJB 8.2 - correction skip pwrc for PHOTO album - add dynamic title for playlist - add PHOTO part in default.install - add style for artist index page, which allow to show thumb rather than list - use IP adress with pwrc - several correction to all the page with navigation and position by default - add nosong.mp3 to still play MPD when with standaloneplaylist and playlist - add info in detail page; genre, year, publisher - change CreateThumb.cmd to CreateThumbFolder.cmd - modify default.install to call filecommand with CreateThumbFolder.cmd - modify default.install to copy cgi automatically onto the pch - add some documentation - readme_fr - installationMPD - add thumb for previous and next album inside detail song album page v1.4 - need MJB 8.1 - reorganise JLRutaMJB-option - add MPD feature - add standalone play button V1.3 - need MJB 8.1 - change CreateThumb - correction with CD genration - improve speed of thumb creation V1.2 - need MJB 8.0 - modify CreateThumbAll.bat to construct the thumb on a temp folder on the PC before copying on the PCH - add onkeyrightset to menu button - adjust position of button to be synchronised with pwrc - add shuffle mode with pwrc 1.4 - add a text label for album - adjust search_php.xslt with the skin format - support pwrc feature - adjust the size of thumb according the number of thumb to display - force autocreate slideshow to true in default.install - add nbrPhoto_thumb which allow to specify the number of thumb per line - use default search php - adjust dolph effect in index page like detail page - add display_TVID as an option - add dynamic title inside decade, year, genre and playlist.htm - add a specific folder where to store thumb for photo thumb - named Thumb under menu - correction of an echo missing line 118 of createthumball.bat - correction of accentuated characters in dynamic titles V1.1 - need MJB 7.0 - add dynamic title display on detail page - add dynamic title display on index page - add choice where to display dynamic title before or after album thumb - add selection of album by TVID when dynamic title display - add coordonate with MJBR8B62 choice of the string to display in search page - modify with MJBR8B26 the way to find photo in search option - add a play button without slideshow - if slideshow exist in music mode V1.0 - need MJB 6.0 - correction in the CreateThumb.cmd - modify the default.install to add verbose and wait="True" by default - add quality argument to thumb generation - take care of the orientation of the picture - increase the speed of thumb creation - adjust style for playlist name - adjust config sample for homepage - correction to play music shuffle with photo slideshow when shuffle_playlist is true - adjust tbackgroundlist and tbackgroundplaylist with the left icone - modify search.xslt for lang_searchsong and lang_searchartist from searchpage.xml - modify list.xslt for lang_nodecade from xml file - adding play single music or photo with the browser of the PC while Display_OnPC = 1