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Other software

PlexNMTHelper: Fling Plex media to your NMT

PlexNMTHelper is a Java program that enables remote control of your Networked Media Tank (200 series or newer) as though it were a true Plex client.

It can be used with Plex Mobile (iOS, Android, Window Phone 8, or Window 8) and Plex/Web.

It discovers the Plex Server on your network and announces itself as a Plex client.  This allows you to fling media to your Networked Media Tank and control playback.

URL: PlexNMTHelper on GitHub

YAMJ Trakt.tv App

 There is an excellent web site called Trakt.tv that is sort of a last.fm of movies and TV Shows.


I encourage you all to install the excellent PCHTrakt CSI application to allow your videos to be scrobbled to the site. An additional benefit is that the PCHTrakt application will also write out watched files for use by YAMJ.


URL: Support thread

Transmission Gui for symbian s60v3

Transmission Gui for symbian s60v3.

You can remotely control your favourite torrent client from your mobile phone.

Transmission 1.71 is recommended!!! (It doesn't work on 1.5x, maybe on 1.6x - not tested!)

Please don't ask me to create an iPhone/s60v2/s60v5 version!

This program was tested on E51. The torrent client was: MNT / Transmission 1.71.

Please help me, tell me your opinion!

thanx bonym


19/08/2009 - new version: 0.97

Install-bug fixed! This version is self-signed again!




New MediaCenter Skin

This a media center index.htm skin, just edit and place in your root of your share or internal hdd.


Heres my latest update on the media center theme im working on.
The thumbs moves like movieflow or Excals redefined skin.



Mika - PCH Java

MIKA is a port of Java to run locally on the NMT's.  It is developed by other77

Downloading and Building Mika

Source code repository

You can obtain a copy of the "head" (i.e. latest developement-) version of Mika from the source repository as follows:

svn checkout svn://svn.k-embedded-java.com/Mika/trunk

Build tools

To build Mika you will need following tools:

URL: Forum Topic

File Creator

This is a program for creating a list of example video files for use in testing jukeboxes. It takes a list of filenames from a text file and copies an example video file to those filenames. If the filename looks like a series, then it will attemt to create subdirectories for the season.


Automatic Playlist Generator

This thing will take a directory of your choosing, scan the directory for what ever file type you pick, and then create a playlist in PCH format.

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