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Tson's 5150-sd Skin (Default Variant) Updated (2010-01-23)

Please see the support thread for more information.


IMPORTANT: Most recent update was done due to changes in v1.7r1282. The latest release is for those using official release v1.7r1282 of YAMJ. There are no real changes in this release except to make it work with v1.7, if you are using the previous version without issue I'd recommend sticking with it for the time being. No major visual changes.


- Corrected to work with official release v1.7 revision 1282.  

Support Thread

Pre Selection MJB-Skin 1.3

For those who don't need the option of "browsing while playing" but want put some albums or songs from the MusicJukebox quickly to a playlist and play them on the NMT I mixed parts of the PHP Playlist Creator and the Meowmoo-Skin into a new Skin for the MJB.





Musicbox Meow 1.2.3 [MPD and MONO]

A MusicJukebox skin to Browse your Music and play it via mpd on the PCH


You need


* Music Jukebox (http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=12057)


* Music Player Daemon (http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=17306) (if you wannt MPD as player)


 (included since 1.2)  the latest cgi files from jazzlightbeer (thanks to him) , If you have Problems with the cgi files, it's also a good Thread



Revamp 1.1b

Please see the support thread for more information. And post if you had problems there.

Update 1.1b version. Added new features (check the readme) and fixed some problems playing dvd, isos, bin... files (try the "play" button if "enter" button return you to details page. To rebuild just delete all your html files of jukebox folder and run YAMJ.

Update 1.1a version. If you had the 1.1 version and you haven't any problem you don't need to update. Update only if you had problems when running the tool..

Support Thread

Tson's 5150 Skin (Default Variant) Updated (2010-04-15) now with scrolling episodes.

Please see the support thread for more information.


Tested on v1.9r1500


Maintenance release. Minor changes. 

Support Thread



Set Fanart!!! Include the following line in your moviejukebox.properties file and the skin should take care of the rest



One difference between the Set Index and a non-Set Index when fanart is turned on is that the thumbnails start at the bottom instead of the top of the page. I think it looks better that way with most fanart.


I've updated this skin to use the new preferences.xsl and to work with the current YAMJ 1.7, or maybe a revision or two past that.

Support and Discussion URL

PPP3.1 - skin updated, some new features

Hi, inspired by mcmillyonaires marvellous revamp mokups i wanted to pimp the the movie detail page for ppp2 a bit. But than the changes were so huge and i liked the new look so much, that i redid the whole skin and called the new one (big surprise and very creative) ppp3. As before i did only minor changes to the index page (this will come at next).


Forum for discussion:

Support Thread

Translucent [redefined add-on skin]


Heres my Translucent skin for the redefined details page, just replaces the detail.xsl and adds some more images etc,the index.xsl is the same as

Support thread

[SD Skin] RutabagaJexcal 0.4e SD - Plots, Trailers, Fanart [03.05.09]

After much work we present you a nice working version of the RutabagaJexcal HD Skin in SD. This version is still under development, so feel free to post suggestions in support thread (same thread than the HD).




CHANGELOG rev 0.4e SD:

- max 24 Episodes on Detailpage
- with usual handling no more jumping of graphics on detail page



Support and Download Thread German NMT Forum for HD and SD Skin

Cineblue SD

By paulcito

Here is an SD skin I made you might like to try.

This is an SD skin I put together for use on my 19" LG Flatron TV. Its optimized for an SD screen with a 4:3 AR.


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