Jukebox Addons / Helpers

MediaInfo for Synology Atom NAS

This is a mediainfo binary for YAMJ running on a Synology Atom based NAS.


Note: This is compiled on my DS1511+ and I have no idea if it will work on others, nor can I compile it for other systems.


Watched Creator v3

A small program to create the watched files for YAMJ


URL: GitHub Site

AC Ryan - Jukebox Fixes and Modifications - v1.7

AndyA has reworked some of the Jukebox files to fix some of the issues and tidy up a few things.


The zip file attached contains the updated files and installation instructions are below.


Each subsequent revision includes all previous fixes.


These modifications are not supported by AC Ryan and come with no warranty of any kind

URL: Original Thread

YAYMan v0.99.99.26

YAYMan (Yet Another Yamj Manager) is a GUI which allows you to edit the information for individual videos without having to delve into the XML manually.

YAYMan requires YAMJ r3835 or newer.



URL: Support Thread

AC Ryan Config (Mac)

A.C. Ryan Logo PlayonHD Logo


This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new Mac users.

This is for the A.C. Ryan Playon!HD media player only.

This software is for Mac users only, for the PC Windows version see here: GUI_Config_ACR

URL: Support Thread

Kroozbox - Linux add-on installation package

This package includes the drivers and instructions on how to make Kroozbox version 1.8 properly work under Linux with Firebird database, Personal Video database and the Music plugin.

You need to download and install Kroozbox version 1.8 and up for this to work (works properly with version 2.0).

Please read the LinuxREADME file include in the package from more information.


Kroozbox - eXtreme Movie Manager template/plugin 1.0

This is a template/plugin for eXtreme Movie Manager database access from Kroozbox (need version 1.8+).

Read the Readme.pdf file for installation.

Extreme Movie Manager: http://www.binaryworks.it/extrememoviemanager/

This is beta until someone can figure out resolution on some issues with EMM database schema limitation and ODBC bridge problems (see Readme).


Kroozbox - MyMovies template/plugin

This is a template/plugin for MyMovies database access from Kroozbox (need version 1.7+).

Read the Readme.txt file for installation.

MyMovies: http://www.mymovies.dk


YAMJ GUI Config v0.51

This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new users.

 Latest Version: 0.51

URL: Support Thread

NFO Convertor v0.3

This version now has a GUI and the option to backup the files as well as keep the original file data in the generate NFO file.

I have attached the AutoIT source code if you want to take it and modify it to your needs. This is released under creative commons licences:


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